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Winter Pool Maintenance Tips in Arizona Pools

Pools need regular maintenance and cleanliness to enjoy water-based fun activities. Ways and pool maintenance techniques get changed with every changing season; every season comes with their own requirements of pool cleaning and maintenance, especially in Arizona. It is a fact that in winter, pools don’t see many activities as compared to summers in Arizona. Many people think that in winter pool does not require any maintenance because it is not in use or inactive. Slackness in winter maintenance can result in heavy repairs in approaching seasons when you are ready to use the pool. You might regret your negligence at that time, so winter pool maintenance is also crucial for proper pool functioning.

Easy Winter Pool Maintenance Tips in Arizona

Pool maintenance in winters is not a tough task at all, as some people consider it. Some pool owners decide to close their pool in winters because they find it hard to maintain. They think that water draining from the pool can save them from troubles, which is a really bad idea. Sometimes draining water from a pool in winters can cause cracks and other damages to the pool. Here I’m going to share some easy to follow tips for winter maintenance of the pool.

Don’t Deceive by The Inactivity

 A large number of people think that pools are inactivity in winters, and water is looking clear, so everything is fine. Actually, in winters, algae, bacteria, and other micro organisms growth is slow, so water appears clean. Algae and bacteria are there, but in a small amount, then; what should you do.? Keep testing chlorine levels of your pool water throughout the winters because chlorine is the best to fights against bacteria and other microorganisms. You don’t need to chlorinate the water every single day. You can chlorinate the water once or twice a week according to decreasing levels of chlorine. It is easy to maintain the chlorine levels in winter as compared to summers.

Keep Checking the Ph Levels

 Ph and chlorine levels should be on the same levels in pool water. Keep on checking the ph level of water also in winter. If the ph level is less than the standard level, then keep adding necessary chemicals. The amount of chemicals depends upon weather and activity. In winters, you have to add chemicals once or twice a week to maintain the PH. Pool owners should also check the pool for calcium hardness in winters.

Low calcium in the pool leads to severe damage to pool walls, plaster, and liners, while high calcium levels make water cloudy, which is harsh for the skin. It is important to keep calcium levels also imbalance.

Cleaning & Covering of The Pool

When chlorine and pH levels are balanced, then there is the next step of cleaning. Clean and brush the pool’s walls and sides properly. Pool tiles should also clean properly. There should not any debris in the pool. Once the pool is clean, then there is the last step to follow. Pool covering is not necessary, but it gives you peace of mind and makes maintenance very easy. Before putting the cover on the pool, make sure to remove the ladder and other accessories. Also, make sure that the filter and water pump are off. Add the water clarifier and put the cover on the pool tightly. A pool cover also provides safety from young children and pets. Check the cover cables and clips properly. It is also important to ensure that the pool cover is held in place by water bags.

Why Covering A Pool in Winter Is Beneficial?

When you have done with cleaning and covering, then it means that you are seventy-five percent done with winter maintenance. If you don’t want to cover the pool, then you have to pay a lot of attention to winter maintenance. You have to regularly remove the dirt, debris, and other objects from the pool. If you don’t clean the pool regularly, even in winters, then it can clog your filter, and it can be problematic in spring for you. You are covering the pool after cleaning is the best idea for inter maintenance. Pool owners should periodically check the water quality and ph levels to ensure quality maintenance. They should also keep checking the pipes and other pool equipment in winter because sometimes pipes get damage due to freezing water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I Find Winter Maintenance Hard; What Should I Do?

If winter pool maintenance is hard for you, then simply call McCallum’s Pool Service for quality pool cleaning and maintenance services. They are professional and experienced. They are well versed in providing all pool-related services, so avail of their services and make life hassle-free.

Q: How Do I Clean the Pool Tiles?

You can use a brush and pumas stone for this purpose. If there are calcium stains, then you can for a chemical cleaner or hire professionals to form McCallum’s Pool Service. They know how to do perfect cleaning for seasonal maintenance or the rest of the year. They are also experts in removing stubborn stains from the pool floor and walls.

Q: Is Professional Pool Maintenance Expensive?

 Not at all, professional services from McCallum’s Pool Service are not expensive. Cost and charges depend upon different factors. How much your pool is dirty, its depth, calcium buildups, etc. professional pool clean services from McCallum’s Pool Service save your time and also give you peace of mind. They offer professional services for both commercial and residential pools.

McCallum’s Pool Service Can Help

The pool maintenance in winter, especially in Arizona, is as necessary as the rest of the year. If you neglect or overlook the winter pool maintenance, you have to pay a hefty amount in heavy repairs. This will not only cost you time, money but can make you stressed too. If you find winter pool maintenance hard, then go for professional pool cleaning and maintenance services to make things easy for you.