Pool Automation Installation & Repair in Scottsdale & Phoenix, AZ

Are you fed up with having to fiddle with turn valves, turn pool lights on and off, or switch on the heater to get your pool ready during winter? Perhaps your pool equipment has developed problems and you need a professional to fix them? McCallum’s Pool Services are the experts whose number you need to have on your speed dial if you live in Scottsdale, AZ. 

Pool automation is all the rage today for two simple reasons: Firstly, you can make your pool do anything with the tap of a button. Secondly, automation saves a lot of money in maintenance and repair.

While pool automation is possibly the best thing you can do for your family to enjoy swimming, it also matters who does the installation. At McCallum’s, we provide professional pool services that exceed the client’s expectations. Every task is personal to our crew, which explains why we are a household name in homes with pools in Scottsdale and Cave Creek.

We specialize in using the iQuaLink Automation Product Line, check out some of their featured videos here.

New Pool Automation Installation

McCallum’s pool automation installation is a service that involves upgrading your pool with the latest connected technologies. We will install pre-programmed and powered systems that use electric power.

These pool automation systems work together and are easily operable using a central control system or control panel. With the control panel, you get to set a pool timer, turn pool lights on and off, adjust the temperature, and other things just by tapping on shortcuts on a screen.

Pool automation is the ultimate sophistication and convenience. The best automation systems we recommend are easy to learn and use, and are highly compatible with other systems. For instance, you can choose to control every aspect of the swimming pool right from your phone at any time. Automation eliminates the headaches of needing to understand valves, hydraulics, or plumbing configurations. Call John at McCallum’s Pool Services now if you wish to know the specifics of pool automation.

Pool Automation & Repair

McCallum’s Pool Services specializes in offering regular pool services, including maintenance, parts repair, and troubleshooting. Our crew has almost a century of experience in the industry between them, and the passion they have in their work is apparent in the quality of service.

You can trust McCallum’s Pool Services for regular maintenance, cleaning, and repairs with just a single call. The maintenance and repair may cover, among others:

  • Pool heating systems
  • Salt systems
  • Pool pump repair or replacement
  • Automation troubleshooting and configuration
  • Scale removal
  • Filter cleaning and replacement
  • Pool repair

Swimming Pool Automation Upgrades

So your pool is a little old and cannot really compare with what your neighbor has installed? No worries, McCallum’s Pool Services can help you upgrade your current pool into a priced asset in your property. With so many swimming pool automation systems flooding the market, it can be difficult for a homeowner to choose the right one.

Trust McCallum’s Pool Services to upgrade your pool systems and grant you full control over your swimming experiences. We serve clients all over Scottsdale, AZ, and are very proud of being always reachable to answer client concerns and service their pools.

Since pool renovations are a specialty of McCallum’s, your possibilities for upgrading your pool are endless when you give us a call. The upgrades are not limited to automation either. We can also change your pool’s shape and size, the surrounding landscape, or build new decks and water features. Generally, what we do is transform a dream you have into a dream swimming pool.

Have you been considering getting a pool automation system? One thing you should know about pool automation systems is that it matters who does the installation. You cannot go wrong choosing McCallum’s Pool Services to install, upgrade, or repair your pool automation systems. Call us today and get a free estimate and personalized advice.