Pool Pump Installation & Repair in Scottsdale & Phoenix, AZ

A pool pump is an indispensable piece of equipment responsible for keeping your swimming pool water warm, clean and hygienic for use. The pump ensures that the water gets into the filter (which removes all the toxins). After going through the filtering process, clean water flows back into the pool, offering health safety to all pool users. A malfunctioning or incorrectly installed pump might cause unsafe water to flow into the pool, which causes health complications and boosts the growth of bacteria and algae on the floor of the pool. Therefore, to ensure that none of that happens, you’d want experts such as McCallum’s Pool Services & Repairs LLC to do all your installation and repair works. We deal with all sort of pump issues, no matter how small it might look, we’ll leave nothing to chances to be sure that you and all the pool users are safe.

Replacement or Repair?

If your pool pump shows any tear or wears signs, don’t ignore it, as this might worsen. Besides, other parts of the pool system such as piping system, electrical wiring, or heater should be regularly checked to determine if they are working right.

Essentially, it can be challenging to choose whether to install a new pump or repair the existing one. Fine, we got you covered as in this article you’ll know when you need either. Technically, you wouldn’t want to spend hours and money on a pump that needs replacement or buy a new one when in reality, the existing one just required a few tweaks from a professional to be up and running again.

When Should I Repair?

  • If the bearings are the only underlying problem. An expert can easily replace them and restore the pool pump’s life. They cost just a few bucks as compared to the cost of a new pump.
  • If the costs of the repairs make sense. If the repairs are going to be recurring after a short time, you might end up paying a lot for them in the long-term. A new installation can be cost-effective in such a case.

When to Request New Pool Pump Installation?

  • Due to the increase of pool users hence, the need to upgrade to an up-to-date design and more efficient pool pump.
  • When the frequency of maintenance drastically increases. This means that continuing to repair doesn’t make sense anymore in terms of costs.
  • The pump’s motor has surpassed its expected life and causes habitual serious predicaments. Also, if the motor is burnt, repairing it can be pricey.
  • Basically, when the overall problem with the pump is not economically viable to repair since it costs more than the price of a new one.

Installation & Repair of Pool Pumps in Scottsdale, AZ

At McCallum’s Pool Service & Repair LLC, we don’t get tired till we ensure that your pump is correctly installed in such a way it can last as long as possible. However, it’s important to note that wear and tear are irrefutable in such equipment, and sometimes the problem requires replacement. Whether what you need is replacing the whole pump system or an overhaul of a few glitchy parts, our team of experienced experts can get the work done.

Choosing the pump that will work most efficiently for your type and size of the swimming pool can be tricky, but our specialists will determine precisely what you need. Whether you want a pump for a pool, spa, water feature, or fountain, we have them. We ensure that all our technicians that come to service you are fully certified by APSP (The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals) before adding them to our ever-committed team. We’re dedicated never to leave the site before you’re satisfied with the installation or repairs.