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Pool Maintenance Cost Phoenix: All-Inclusive Guide

Cleaning and maintaining a pool are essential to enjoy all fun activities. It is necessary to maintain the standard chemical levels and timely chlorinate the water to avoid any germ growth. 

Pool Maintenance Cost in Phoenix & Scottsdale really depends on what exactly you are choosing however the average cost for weekly maintenance is $100 to $135 per week. A large number of people think that hiring a professional pool cleaner is not necessary. It is a wrong notion; hiring a professional saves your valuable resources and makes pool maintenance an easy task for you. You also get things done so professionally and timely.

What Does Pool Maintenance Include?

Pool maintenance doesn’t mean just cleaning the pool water or removing the debris or algae from the surface of the water. It includes several activities, including cleaning, scaling, balancing of chemical levels, fixing cracks and repairing mechanical equipment, etc.

  • Weekly Pool Maintenance

Weekly pool service means you do necessary maintenance of a pool every week. This is a basic and crucial step to make sure the pools clean and sparkling. A normal weekly pool maintenance service includes vacuuming the pool, cleaning of dirt, and checking the pool’s water circulation. Checking/ balancing of PH and other chemical levels if necessary also include in it. Cost and charges are usually fixed with described services. Additional services charge separately (if these services are not included in the mentioned weekly services)

  • Monthly Pool Maintenance

Monthly Pool maintenance includes the following services.

  • Deep Cleaning of The Pool

 You may clean your pool weekly or twice a month, but it requires deep cleaning after one month. In weekly cleaning, you may clean the surface or concentrate on visible problems, while monthly or quarterly cleaning requires deep cleaning. Moreover, you can do deep cleaning whenever you feel weekly cleaning is not enough. You can clean the debris from the inner surface of the pool. Use brush and vacuum to clean your walls and floor thoroughly.

Disinfect the deck and pool equipment is also necessary since bacteria, germs, and debris on their surfaces can get washed easily. Sometimes, Regular chemical treatments are not enough to deal with all the algae and bacteria growth. For heavy cleaning, shock treatment is necessary with a heavy dose of chlorine and other chemicals. 

  • In-Depth Inspection of Pool Equipment

Usually, you neglect the in-depth inspection of pool equipment, which later turns into a problem. Vigilantly inspect the ladders, hand-rails, and other safety equipment as these things show wear and tear so early.  It is also necessary to do mechanical equipment check to avoid the mal-functioning of the pool.

  • Filter Cleaning and Checking

Pool filter should be in perfect condition; otherwise, your pool will soon fill with debris and no more remains clean. Your filter should be both backwashed and chemically clean for thorough function. If there are signs of wear and tear, then according to condition filter should repair or change.

  • Fixing of Cracks and Broken Equipment

Maintenance also includes fixing holes and cracks in walls, tiles, and pipes. If such cracks are not repaired timely, they can cause pool leaks.

What Does Pool Maintenance Costs in Scottsdale & Phoenix?

Scottsdale & Phoenix are the cities of Arizona. Pool maintenance is not easy in these cities due to the weather.

 The Phoenix and Scottsdale area’s average weekly pool service cost range from $135 to $165 per week. It also depends on the services.

  • According to McCallum’s pool services, they charge $135 for a pool drain.  
  • Average weekly pool services may cost from $135 to $165 depending upon the services or requirements.
  • If service outside of standard weekly maintenance is required, a service call will be applied to complete the repairs.
  • Installation of small parts (necessary for the pool’s smooth functioning) will be charged separately if it exceeds $65. You will get notified before installation to know your consent
  • Moreover, you can call them for the estimation cost for any pool maintenance service.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How Can I Know My Expected Expense of Any Pool Maintenance Service?

You can call McCallum’s pool services at any time for a free estimation. You have to share your requirements or pool-related issue. They will not only give you a free estimation but also give you the best useful advice too. McCallum’s Pool Service & Repair is one of the trusted and re-known pool service companies. They are serving hundreds of homes with their reliable pool services.

Q: Do They Do Equipment Repairs/Upgrades at McCallum’s Pool Services?

Yes, they do all types of pool equipment installation, repairing, and up-gradation at an economical cost. They can tell you the estimated cost at one call too. Just tell them regarding your issue and get free consultation or appointment. You can call them to hire professional pool services such as the scaling of the floor, green to clean pool, equipment repairs, and many more. For more details, you can visit their website too.

McCallum’s Pool Service Can Help

Pool maintenance in Scottsdale & Phoenix is not cheap. It has some cost, whether do it yourself or hire a professional. Hiring an experienced person from a reputed company provides you with quality pool maintenance and saves you many mistakes like unbalancing of pH levels.

McCallum’s Pool Service & Repair is one of the trusted and re-known pool service companies. They are serving hundreds of homes and maintaining their pools on a weekly and monthly basis. You can also avail of their professional pool maintenance services at competitive prices.