Pool Equipment Updates & Repairs in Scottsdale & Phoenix, AZ

McCallum’s Pool Service stays at the forefront of energy-efficient swimming pool technology and smart pool upgrades. Do you want wireless pool automation? Install a salt system for soft silky pool water. Does variable speed pump to save on electricity? Your X10 controller doesn’t work? McCallum’s Pool Service can help with all of your pool or spa equipment needs. Contact us today!

Having your pool in good condition should be the desire of all homeowners and managers of gym centers. But the truth is there will always be times when your pool will develop a fault. At that point, you need to pay close attention to and see how you replace or repair your pool equipment.

Repairing your pool equipment is necessary. To do this, you need to hire the service of an expert in pool maintenance.

Who do call when you need the service of a professional to help you fix and repair your pool equipment? Take a look at the best pool equipment repair expert.

Why Use Us?

Repairing your pool equipment requires money, time, energy, and experience. This is what many pool owners lack. Lacking these resources might discourage you from repairing faulty equipment. This shouldn’t be, as we are available to attend to you and get the job done in no time.

Pool Heater Repair Phoenix & Scottsdale

A pool heater is an essential equipment for your pool. A pool heater is necessary if you want to swim during the winter when the weather is cold. With this equipment, you do not have to abandon your pool when it is cold.

If you are having issues with your pool heater, it is part of our service to repair it. Common issues with pool heaters have to do with the heater pilot, heater bypass, and a gas valve. We will check all these and other components to know what is wrong with your pool pump and resolve it at an affordable price.

Pool Filter Replacement

You have to make your pool filter work. The function of this equipment is to keep your pool water clean. When a pool pump drains water from the pool, it sends it to the filter to filter out the debris and dirt.

If your pool filter is not functioning properly, then your pool water will remain dirty and your pool won’t look good. Therefore, you need to hire an expert to replace it for you. This is where we come in. Call us today to replace your pool filter.

Pool Pump Repair in Scottsdale & Phoenix

Your pool pump is the major component that keeps your pool water circulated. This pump functions by draining water from the main drain of your pool, sending the water into the filter, and returning it to the pool.

If this pump is not functioning properly, it will reflect on your pool, as your pool water will remain dirty, and your pool will lose its beauty. This can also expose swimmers to hazards. As such, you need to repair your pool pump. You can’t until you pool materials are destroyed before you call on us for all your needs. Our price is affordable and reasonable.

We are concerned about our customers and prioritize their needs and feedback. We are available to attend to you at any time via phone, and email. McCallum’s Pool Service & Repair is your trusted pool service company by hundreds of homes including the Desert Highlands Golf Club Neighborhood. Contact us today for a free estimate.