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How to Clean A Pool Filter? (Easy Steps)

Pools have become part and parcel of our home structures and buildings. They are a great source of fun and enjoyment, especially in summers. They need constant cleaning and maintenance for non-stop water-fun activities. Sometimes when you don’t pay attention to pool cleaning, then its water turns green or muddy/ cloudy, then it is high time to clean the pool flitter.

 Pool filter plays an important role in cleaning of the pool. It is meant to capture the dirt, debris, algae, fallen hairs, and even dead bugs. Sometimes they also help in skims the body oils, lotions, and suns-screens, so over time, they can be clogged or blocked. Their blockage means that they are not performing their functions well. As a result, your pool water started to change its color. Another important thing pool filter is also helping in distributing chemicals evenly in the pool. So your pool filters need your extra attention as you pay to other parts of the pool. 

Proper and regular cleaning of the filter saves you from the hassle of heavy cleaning and maintenance.

How to Clean A Pool Filter? Simple & Easy Steps

Different pools have different filters, and they need to clean with different techniques. Before jumping to the cleaning of pool filters, you must know about flitter types and which one has your pool. There three different types of filters, that are sand flitters, D.E. (diatomaceous earth filters), and cartridge filters.

1. Sand Filters

Sand filters are the most common types of filters. They are easy to maintain, and with proper cleaning, they can last for years. They are tank shaped, which is half full of silica sand. Silica sand traps debris, dirt, and other particles and keep your pool water clean.

How to Clean Sand Filters?

You need a backwash hose and any sand flitter cleaner. Cleaning a sand flitter is not a tough task at all. If you are doing it the first time, then it can be a hassle for you. You can use chemical clean this filter twice or thrice years according to conditions. For backwashing, you have to follow the following steps.

First of all, start backwash all dirt, debris, and algae, which had clogged the flitter. Now add the chemical sand flitter cleaner into the skimmer and again backwash for five minutes to remove all debris. When all debris is removed, turn off the filter pump and move the filter backwash valve. If there are water quality issues, then you can consider the changing of sand too.

2. Cartridge Filters

Cartridge Filters are also called mid-tier pool filters. They have a fan-folded polyester cartridge which catches the debris. They can’t be back washed.

How to Clean A Cartridge Filters?

These filters are also easy to clean but know the right steps to follow. First of all, turn off the pool pump and then remove the excess air by opening the air-release valve. Remove the clamp by following the guidelines form manual. Then remove the filter and Cartridge carefully. Observe them carefully, and if there are cracks and holes, then it’s time to change the Cartridge. If the Cartridge is fine, then clean it by using a spray nozzle. Don’t exert too much pressure as it can damage your Cartridge. If the Cartridge is extremely dirty or you are cleaning it after a long time, then go for a suitable filter cleaning. Users’ manuals can help you find a suitable cleaner—submerged your Cartridge in water and filter cleaning mixture overnight.

 After cleaning, Cartridge put it gain to its place and replaces the filter top. Tight the clamp and apply the lubricant on O-ring. Turn on your system again and open the air-release valve to release excess air. Close the valve when a steady stream of water starts to come out. Check the system pressure, and you have done with the cleaning.

3. Diatomaceous Earth Filters (D.E)

These filters are expansive but considered most effective to keep your pool clean. They can filter even small particles as small as 3-5 microns. Our naked eye can see only 35 microns small particles. Diatomaceous Earth filters clean pool water by passing it from a fine, white powder. They can be back washed like sand filters.

How to Clean The D.E Filter?

Backwash the filter for five minutes to remove all debris. Turn the pump off and put the filter back to its place and on the filter mode. Remove the drain plug to drain out the water. Open the filter tank by and clean it and with a garden hose. Clean the grids by using D.E. filter cleaner. Place the grids back and tighten the nuts and clumps back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I Don’t Know the Type of Filter in My Pool Then How to Clean?

Don’t worry. Many pool owners don’t know the type of filter in their pool or find it hard to clean the pool filters, so hire a professional from MPS (manning pool service). They are extremely professional and experienced in pool cleaning and maintenance.

Q: Why Is It Necessary to Hire A Professional Pool Filter Cleaner?

It is necessary to hire a professional filter cleaner because they are experienced. They can tell you quickly either your filter need cleaning or replacement. Hiring experienced professionals from MPS (manning pool service) can save you from future troubles, inconveniences, and heavy repairing charges.

Q: Is Professional Cleaning of Filter Expensive?

Not at all, professional filter cleaning is not expensive; actually, it saves your time and money. Hiring professionals from MPS (manning pool service) is highly economical as compared to other Pool cleaning service providers in your town.

McCallum’s Pool Service Can Help

Pool filter cleaning is necessary to maintain water quality. Before cleaning the pool filter, you must know its type and proper technique to clean it; if you find it hard, then hire a professional service provider for pool cleaning. Sometimes DIY pool filter cleaning methods can cause your pool cracks and other damages.