Why Should You Be Draining Your Pool? (5 Reasons)

Pools are a great source of fun, enjoyment, and activity, not only for you but also for your family. They serve as the best place for pool parties and other casual gatherings. They add aesthetic appeal to your place and increase its value. They also serve as the best relaxing place to calm down your stressed nerves. In short, owing to a 

Pool has a lot of benefits. To enjoy the benefits of having a pool at your home, you have to maintain them properly.

Occasionally pools require complete draining for maintenance and some other crucial reasons. Some people totally ignore the pool maintenance and proper draining as they consider it as a tiresome task. Some folks don’t know how and whom to hire for draining and proper cleaning. Some people consider it time-consuming and budget disturbing tasks, which can cost them high but Let me tell you some reasons why pool draining is an unavoidable necessity?

1. Seasonal Draining  

You should drain your pool with seasonal change. Then there is a dry and hot climate, then water loss from the pool in the form of vapors is more than routine, especially in summers the excessive loss of water not only drops water levels but it is also hard to maintain the chemical level of the pool. Sometimes people refill the pool and add chemicals to balance its PH, but it is good to drain the remaining water, clean the pool, and refill it with fresh water. Similarly, when winter approaches and the temperature falls down, then you need to drain your pool. It is easy to maintain a dry pool in winter, so seasonal draining is very necessary for pool maintenance and repair.

2. Refill Fresh Water for Health Reasons

Usually, people avoid draining the pool and adding on necessary chemicals to maintain the ph balance. Pool water treated with chemicals and stabilizers become impossible to clean with chemicals even after a year of use. Pool water, which is mostly treated with chemicals to clean, becomes harsh for skin and hairs too. Sometimes this water can cause you allergies and rashes. So it is crucial to drain the pool and refill it with fresh water to enjoy your swimming and other water- fun related activities without harming your skin/ health.

3. Pool Repairing & Maintenance

 If you ignore pool maintenance for years, you have to drain your pool for heavy maintenance. Sometimes leaking or cracks appear in the pool, and these can’t be repaired without draining all water. If your pool is leaking, then it requires complete draining to avoid further leaking around the pool. It is also crucial to drain your pool for regular and detailed maintenance to avoid any inconvenience in the future. Proper and regular maintenance saves you from the expense of heavy and costly maintenance.

4. Use of Unsafe Stabilizer

 Usually, people use different stabilizers to stabilize the chlorine levels in the pool. Sometimes using too many stabilizers disturb the water quality in the pool and lock the chlorine molecules. The lock chlorine molecules can’t help in sanitizing. Chlorine helps remove the bacteria and algae from the pool, but too much stabilizer disturbs its functioning, so you have to drain water from the pool to remove the algae and other toxic substances. After draining and cleaning, you have to refill it with fresh water.

5. Staining & Chemical Buildups

 Staining and calcium buildups are another reason to drain the water from the pool. Calcium buildup occurs when water unable to maintain safe levels of chemicals. Calcium carbonate and calcium silicate are the most common calcium buildups that can occur in your pool. Both types of calcium buildups can imbalance the chemical balance and require draining to clean. Calcium silicate causes stubborn staining on your pool walls, and you have to drain water to clean the pool. Usually, people use different chemicals to remove stains, but it is a long process. Another type of stains is due to copper ions. These copper ions usually come from copper-based algaecides or if your pool has a copper pipe. Water with high ph levels causes these copper ions to stick to your walls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Professional Draining Expensive?

When you hire a professional, you save not only your time but also money as they know how to do drainage professionally. When you hire an experienced and quality service providers from McCallum’s Pool Service & Repair, they try their best to facilitate you through all aspects. Drainage and other services charges also depend upon the area of the pool and some other factors too.

Q: How Can I Clean My Green Pool?

Pools do not turn green in one day. Proper maintenance and regular cleaning can save you from trouble and heavy expenses. Start with filter cleaning and shocking of the pool. Then, flock to the pool. The next day vacuum the sediment to waste. If you find all this process hard, then hire services from McCallum’s Pool Service & Repair.

Q: Can I Drain Water from My Pool Easily?

Although draining water from the pool is not a tough task, but if you are doing it the first time or don’t have an idea how to do it, and then better to avoid. Hire professional services from McCallum’s Pool Service & Repair and see how they make the draining process hassle-free. Incorrect draining your pool can cause you heavy maintenance.

Final Thoughts 

There are dos and don’ts of pool draining and cleaning, so must follow these rules. No doubt, you can clean your pool with certain chemicals, but under certain situations, as mentioned above, it is necessary to drain your pool completely. It is also a good idea to hire professional service providers to avoid any inconvenience and heavy repair. Usually, people try to clean the pool without any know-how or DIY methods, which results in heavy damages, so it is best to hire professional pool cleaners.