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Pool Inspection Before Buying a House (Guide)

Obsessing over a pool is one thing, but getting it checked, repaired, and other amenities will cause you more charges than fun. You can set aside your fun-part, make space for seldom checkups too. Buying a house is one thing, but you can count on summer pool parties if it comes with a pool or spa.

But what if the house you buy has a pool out of date and unable to work correctly? Most importantly, it costs you more than how much should be invested in it and brings you pool nightmares. You can count on your pool inspection skills but hire a pool inspector from a reliable company if you are unaware of the pool and its amenities.

Do You Need an Inspector for Inspection?

You might if there isn’t any experience of checking the respective aspects. Without wasting a single second, call your pool inspector and get possible services in no time. Such people have the experience, valuable information, and knowledge about the pools’ handling and infrastructure. 

Your house is your representation. If your pool shows unnecessary signs of out of date service and machines’ corrosion forms bubbles and dirty water, your investment will go to waste. It is the reason why you should opt for a pool inspector.

What Should You Look for While Buying a House With a Pool?

Coming home for a dip in a clean pool is a feeling on its own. You can slides, swap without any leaf or anything coming inside the mouth. Enjoy, and relax after you get your pool inspected before buying a house. 

Here are some of the things your pool inspector will look into before suggesting to buy the house,

  • Safety features that meet local requirements

The local requirements vary from community to community. The inspector’s proficient steps include providing a checklist. Most probably, they are well aware of the demands required for pool certification. The inspector will have considerable knowledge about this, including safety mirrors on the sides, security alarm, pool shed, and five-foot-high permanent fence.  

  • Physical conditions of the pool structure, interior, and materials

The physical condition matters a lot, whether you have a family or not. It includes, essential to note, the coping on each side. This procedure is the waterproofing method of tiles, so too much water does not break it down. 

Secondly, the tiles and foreseen wear and tear of them are also necessary. Some of them you may see for yourself, but some require a sharp eye and fast understanding. Your pool inspector will clarify anything that requires special attention.

  • Equipment 

A unique mechanic system runs your pool. The pool inspector you hire while specifically chase around this equipment. Every filter needs a 6-month inspection and cleaning. After that, the filters start to out date and cause a very stinking smell. 

With vast knowledge and considerable experience in pool handling, your inspector will deduct any misconceptions provided by the seller. They will not let any misapprehensions mislead you into forceful buying.

The pool equipment is very complicated. Before you check the system yourself, call an inspector, and he will tell you everything right and wrong with that type of system. The inspectors will inspect functioning of the heaters, thermoregulators, and filters.

  • Infrastructure and backyard conditions

You won’t notice the leakages until you fill the pool daily for more than a month. These internal leakages will cause significant financial effects on the plumbing lines. 

Your inspector will help you notice these faults. They will also check whether a proper drainage system throws out water outside the house and not inside the plumbing lines. Alongside that, the backyard must also be in appropriate condition. 

With mud and dust on all sides, it will become a challenge for you to keep the pool clean while swimming. You can pay special attention to practical approaches like these to help save up in the future rather than continuous investment in it. 

  • Proper Fencing

Just like a wall in your house surrounding, pool fencing is critical. You will find everything is working in your pool, mechanic system, filters, tiles, no leakages. But zero safety means continuous damage to swimmers as well as the pool. With proper fencing, you can go up and down; any child swimming might be able to do the same. 

Along with this, you will also feel safe without any guardian keeping an eye on the children. You won’t drown or harm yourself. Glass Fencing protects the pool against outside dust or grass too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you inspect a pool when buying a house?

At McCallum’s pool service and repair, we promise satisfaction. We provide you a proper checklist which our inspector will go through and mark the availability of every pool you find the house. Our inspectors have enough knowledge to guide you about preventing and prioritizing amenities in a pool.

Q: How much should a pool inspection cost?

We are deeply concerned about your safety and provide the best in every way. We try our best to give what we charge, ranging between 150 dollars to 300 dollars. If you have a shared pool and require extra brains for knowledge, the charges start from 200 dollars and above.

Q: Are pool inspections necessary?

For maintaining your already owned pool certification, you need to know about its inspection clarification requirements. In many states, pool inspection must be carried out once every three years to avoid any joint damage alongside the house. You can even get an inspection before the winter comes as well.

McCallum’s Pool Service Can Help

It would be best if you foresaw every casualty that comes with a house having built-in pools. Investing in a home is a once-in-a-lifetime chance, and if it goes wrong, your regrets won’t take you anywhere. It is better to finance in a place with a pool after getting guidance from an inspector who knows what they speak. The knowledge is enough to put your interest in the liabilities, preventing any future monetary damages.