Why Is My Pool Green & How to Fix It?

If you want to know more about green pools and how to clean your pool from green algae, then you have come to the right place. No one wants to swim in the green pools, and nobody wants to have these pools around him. In a real sense, pool water must be crystal clear and free from all kinds of debris. With the passage of time, bacteria and green algae start growing in the pools and turns the water green. There are several reasons behind the greenish color of the pool.

If you are worried, you don’t have to be a worry for a longer time. Let’s end this struggle. You can easily get rid of the green algae by knowing its cause and the following simple tricks. 

Why Do Pools Go Green?

No one wants green pools, and you can only get rid of this water-color if you know the reason behind it. In the first section of this article, we will discuss the possible reasons behind greenish water, and the second section will discuss the possible solutions. Let’s get started. 

  • Clogged Filters 

Filters play a vital role in improving the water quality and removing debris and surface algae from the pool. Many times, people think water is the real cause behind the propagation of the green color of the water. However, a clogged filter doesn’t let the strain out surface water properly. If the water stays there for a longer time, it gives birth to mold and algae. For this reason, try to clean the filters according to their cleaning time, and there will be no problem in the future.

  • Insufficient Chlorine 

One of the biggest reasons behind the growth of algae is the lack of chlorine in the water. Chlorine prevents its growth; therefore, there should be an optimum level of chlorine in pool water. One of the commonly used methods to destroy algae growth and clean the pool water is by incorporating calcium hypochlorite, and this is known as ‘shock treatment.’ It is a temporary solution to restore its pH and clean the pool effectively.

For saltwater pools, add a bag of salt (Sodium Chloride) into the pool, which then splits into sodium and chloride ions. Use a chlorinator to pass an electrical charge that will convert chloride into chlorine. This chlorine further cleans water and prevents algae growth.  

  • Pollen 

Pollen from near plants are also a big threat to pools as these pollens can change watercolor. When a pool is located nearby plants, the pollens spread under the effect of rain and fall into the pool. These pollens are so small and difficult to remove so, the accumulation of pollen results change in the pool color. Although the pollen is completely harmless and has health hazards, it just turns the water green or yellow with the passage of time.

  • No Filtration or Circulation

 Filtration and circulation of water are important for a pool. If there is no swimming or pool party, then all the debris stays on the bottom and turns watercolor. Alternatively, it comes up and thrown immediately. 

  • Improper pH Balance 

If you have a pool, you must maintain its proper pH level. An improper pH balance invites more bacteria and germs to flourish and pollute water. Low pH level is acidic in naturals that erode plastic and metal pipes. Similarly, high pH is alkaline, which is not healthy for a pool so, try to maintain the pH between 7.2 and 7.8 to avoid going green.

How to Fix It?

If your pool water has gone green, you don’t have to worry at all. You can fix the issue once for all. Following are some of the ways to fix this problem. 

  • Get a Water Test 

Water test comprises of various steps and tests to check the quality and various other parameters of water. It gives an in-depth idea about chemical compounds in water. For this purpose, don’t collect water from the banks of the pool; instead, get it from arm’s length and test within one hour. If the chlorine water is below one ppm, then you need shock treatment for your pool.  

  • Check the Filters 

Many people forget to clean their filters according to the manual provided with the pool filters. The debris, algae, and other chemicals block the filter. For this purpose, backwash the filters and run for 24 hours after the chemical in the pool. Check whether algae is removed; It means filters are working fine now.

  • Chocking Treatment 

Shocking is the perfect solution to get rid of pool algae and stop its growth. For this, choose a powerful shock with 70% available chlorine and follow the guidelines on the shock package. With shock treatment, pool water turns cloudy, and you just let it pass through filters.

  • Maintain Regularly Cleaning 

For a healthy and clean pool, you have to maintain a regular cleaning. Check filters and clean pool walls and surfaces. Also, go for professional services such as Mccallum’s Pool Service and Repair to maintain your pool. McCallum’s Pool Service can get your pool from Green to Clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if My Pool Water Stays Green Even After Incorporating Chlorine?

Don’t panic. You just professional service for satisfactory work. Mccallum’s Pool Service and Repair are there to help you out. Give them a call and fix the problem professionally.  

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McCallum’s Pool Service Can Help

Everyone wants crystal clear water in the pool, but it turns green because of various reasons. Every problem has a solution, so you can try the above-mentioned tips and get clear water again. Additionally, you can call Mccallum’s Pool Service and Repair if the problem stays there.