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How to Maintain Your Pool In Arizona? (A Pool Guide)

In Arizona, having a swimming pool seems like a sanctuary, but that sanctuary comes with a few problems which can be easily avoided if quickly attended to. Summer in Chandler, Arizona can really be hot, and having a swimming pool can be relaxing, but if you do not maintain it, that relaxing arena can turn into a nightmare and cost you a lot to fix.

Maintaining a swimming pool in Arizona can take a lot of effort including general pool care, water level monitoring, pool filtration checking, knowing where to get the best pool service, and much more. In this article, we will be talking about the different components of maintaining a swimming pool in the State of Arizona.

You need to understand how to maintain your pool in Arizona as you would in many other places in the US. Don’t forget, prevention is a cousin to maintenance; the more maintenance you give to your pool, the less the cost of servicing and replacement.

General Pool care

It is advisable that a sensitive pool owner should take out time every three months and clean the pool filter. Frequent filter cleaning should vary based on the filter size and the amount of debris accumulated. Notice an increased flow between the pressure gauge and flow meter? This is just an indication that your pool filter needs cleaning.

Because of the increase in the level of calcium in Arizona water and other factors, it is advisable that you drain and refill your swimming pool with fresh water once every two to three years. You should check out the local pool store in Arizona that offers a free chemical testing service, and you’ll know just when your water needs to be replaced.

You should also ensure that you have your heater serviced professionally every few years. If you have a heater as a pool owner, it is customary that you run and use it periodically, because when you leave it for a long time without use, it can cause issues.

Here is a vital checklist on how to correctly maintain your pool in Arizona.

Maintain The Water Level

With the temperature in Arizona, maintaining a pool can be very challenging as water evaporates quickly. Urban pool systems are usually designed to have an automatic water supply if the water level drops too low.

But, if your swimming pool does not have that sophisticated system, then you will need to fill it manually. It is customary that water levels should be checked at least once a week because if left unchecked for too long and the water level gets too low, then the water pump could get damaged in the process.

Clean The Pool Filter

It doesn’t matter if the type of filter you use for your pool could be a sand filter, a D.E filter, or even a cartridge filter, and you should always have it cleaned up. Know when and how to backwash and clean the filter.

Some filters need to be taken apart and cleaned at most twice a year, with part of the salt-water system cleaned with acid. Study the kind of filter you use or get a professional to help out.

Adopt The Use of Pool Sanitizer

As a result of the hot summer days in Arizona, chlorine dissipates quickly and the more you use the pool, the more sanitize you need to introduce. Not only that, the PH levels of the pool should also always be between 7.2 and 7.8 for the chlorine in the pool to work efficiently.

The alkalinity of the pool should be tested as well and balanced too. Having the right balance of sanitizer, pH, and water alkalinity provides a safe swimming algae-free pool.

Create Time to Run a Basic Pool Cleanup

It would be best if you always made a plan to take at least 30 minutes every week to empty the skimmer basket, filter out leaves, dirt, brush down the water-line and down the pool, and test the pool water.

You can backwash as well if needed. Take out time to refill the chlorine tabs in the pool floater, and if the pool has no automatic vacuum, you should vacuum it manually when you notice the accumulation of debris or dirt.

Get The Right Pool Service…

If you are boxed up, hiring a qualified pool service to do the job for you can really save a lot of work. It’s good fun to have a weekly service so that you can have someone more professionally accountable for your pool care.

However, it is advisable and recommended to check credentials to know whether the service is a professional one before hiring a pool maintenance service provider. You have to be sure you are getting more than a guy with a filter net and chlorine tabs, be sure you are getting someone who really gets the work done.

Know What You’re Paying For…

If your pool is a new one, be sure to find out if all the pool equipment is in good working condition. Also, you should inquire if the pool needs to be resurfaced and if there’s any concern, ask not just the home inspector but a pool expert to inspect the swimming pool before you throw in your order.

What Chemicals would you Need?

Your main chemical or sanitizer for cleaning a swimming pool is chlorine. It can come in the form of shock. Alternatives to chlorine include bromine. PH is also essential because it measures the balance between acid and alkaline in your water.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining a pool in Arizona does not come with any special skills or requirements. The same rule is applicable in the way you maintain your pool in Houston, Alabama, Utah, or any other place in the US. But the difference is in the manner swimmers and Arizonans treat pools like sacred places. And you know what it means when you consider a pool as the clothes closest to your body. A lot goes into that.

Do not leave anything to chance as small damage can result in a larger one that you won’t be able to control. Take these necessary steps above and you will see that your pool will be transformed and become swimmers’ destination. Here is the truth that applies to every feature: maintenance is terribly essential.