Swimming Pool Equipment List: Recommended Guide

Are you diving into owning a pool or venturing into the pool maintenance business? No matter how many years of experience you have, you need just the right tools to have your pool properly cleaned and maintained.

But then again, what swimming pool equipment do you actually need? There is a whole range of pool equipment for proper pool maintenance ranging from the filter, heater to pool chemicals. That is why, in this recommended guide, we will be sharing valuable information on just the ideal pool supplies that you need.

Here is some recommended swimming pool equipment for you:

Telescopic Pole

You need a telescopic pole for everything pool related activities like brushing, skimming, vacuuming, and other cleaning activities. Just as the name implies, the v can extend and shrink in size, which gives you just the flexibility and reaches when cleaning the pool.

With this tool, you can save yourself a lot of time and energy, but in selecting the telescopic pole for your pool, you should select a long one with thick tubes and heavy aluminum.

Skimmer Attachment

The skimmer net is the perfect tool to skim the inevitably floating leaves in your pool. All you have to do is tether the skimmer attachment to the end of the telescopic pole, and as the net passes over the water, it scoops up everything.

With a net made out of fine mesh, it can literally skim out solid objects, as well as leaves, bugs, candy wrappers, and even cups. The skimmer net comes in two types which are the flat and bag nets. Select the one you feel is best for your pool.

Brush Attachment The best way to deal with the buildup of algae on your pool wall and the floor is by scrubbing with a pool brush. Brushing with the right pool brush helps keep your pool healthy and prevent pool issues like cloudy and green water.

Brushing is also the best way to make sure that the pool chemicals you use in your pool lasts as long as possible. The Brush attachment comes in three types for different pools, and we recommend you go for the appropriate one.

Vacuum Head & Hose

The complete pool vacuum comprises of the vacuum head, the vacuum hose, and the telescopic pole. However, the head is the part of the vacuum that cleans as you run it over your pool floor. The vacuum head just like the skimmer and brush gets attached to the telescopic pole. The hose, on the other hand, is a simple yet essential piece of the vacuum equipment you can’t complete the pool vacuuming without a good vacuum hose. The hose is connected to your skimmer, and with pressure, the vacuum begins to swallow the debris.


The pool filter is a piece of pool equipment to keep your pool water clean. The pool filter purifies every drop of water in your pool by filtering the debris and keeping the pool safe to swim in. We have different types of pool filters to select from, ranging from sand filters, DE filters to cartridge filters. Each filter comes are designed with their individual strength, but they do a perfect job of removing debris and keeping the pool clean, safe, and neat.

Filter Media

To get the best results from the pool filter, you just need to get just the best filter media for your pool filter. Each filter uses a different kind of filter media for a good performance. 

Sand filters use pool sand filter media The cartridge filters use cartridge filter media. The DE filters use DE grids and powder media.

However, we recommend that for high performance, you should use the appropriate filter media and keep a replacement set of filter media around all times. 

Pool Pump

The pool pump is kind of like the heart of the swimming pool that circulates water and power the filtration, heating processes. There are different sorts of pool pumps, such as single speed, dual speed, and variable speed. These pool pumps allow you to switch between different speed settings, which are perfect for keeping the water gently flowing overnight or clearing out the algae-filled pool.

Pool Heater

With a pool heater, swimming in a chilly afternoon at a perfect temperature is possible. There are different pool heater options you can select from that are cost-effective and high performance. Having a pool heater, you can rest assured that rainy or cloudy skies won’t stop you from swimming. 

Pool Chemicals

Pool chemicals are not precisely pool equipment, but they are essential if you want to keep your swimming pool clean, germ-free, comfortable, and healthy. Chemicals like sanitizers, alkalinity stabilizers, pH stabilizers, pool enzymes, algaecide, and metal sequestrate are necessary to run your pool for a safe and healthy swim. 

Chemical Feeder

Want to keep the chlorine added to our pool every week? The chlorinator will do that job effectively for you. With the chemical feeder, you can adjust your pool’s feed rate, and your pool is good to go for another few weeks. 

Pool Cleaner

Want to relax and get your pool cleaned up without lifting a single finger? Well, the automated pool cleaner, that’s all for you. An automated cleaner runs through your pool, and automatically brush and vacuum everything on its way.

Final Thoughts

Fixing or repairing bad swimming pools requires multiple tools and equipment. You need to figure out which of the tolls are suitable for your use. Although your swimming pool contractor and repairmen know what kit to use to fix your pool, it is not out of place for a homeowner to know this equipment.

Having an insight into the prices of the tools and how they work is also not bad. Interestingly, some of the tools have overlapping functions. This doesn’t imply that the professional swimming contractor should replace one for another. Finally, other tools are not represented in this post; you may need to find out others.