Why Your Pool Is Losing Water In Arizona

There are myriad reasons to explain why your pool might be losing water in Arizona. We understand how this is often a frustrating experience!

Ever decreasing pool water increases maintenance costs while also killing the fun in swimming, especially for people who love deep pool swimming. Swimming pools in Arizona lose water because of splash-outs, water evaporation, backwash and filter maintenance, and water leaks from the pool or plumbing defects.

But this is only the scratch on the surface. In the rest of this article, you’ll discover how all these contribute to the loss of water in your pool. More importantly, we’ll point you in the right direction so that you find a solution to this problem.

So, let’s quickly get to it!

1. Splash Outs

You lose significant volumes of pool water every week, depending on how frequently the pool is used. This may appear negligible, but if you accumulate all the water lost due to splash-outs, you’ll see that you’re losing so much. This happens more if children frequent your pool. 

If you want to curb water lost through splash-outs, you can encourage responsible swimming or minimize access to the pool. However, since you’re in business, the latter option may not be feasible.

2. Water Evaporation

According to studies, pools lose an average of two to four inches of water per week. Therefore, your pool will lose a cumulative of between 25,000 to 50,000 gallons of water annually. Sadly, this is a lot to lose, and it contributes to a high water utility bill.

Normally, water evaporation is caused by extreme weather changes like sunny and windy days. Sunny days raise the atmospheric temperatures, which quickly warms the pool water. When the water is hot enough, some of it is converted to gas which then goes to the air.

On the other hand, the wind increases evaporation by quickly sweeping water vapor found on the water surface. So, if the day is quite windy, you should expect to lose more pool water. The good news is you can use a safety cover or solar blanket to minimize the effect of wind and heat.

3. Backwash and Filter Maintenance

The recommended way for effective pool filter maintenance is through backwashing. The process requires enough water to clear away oil deposits and other debris that get stuck on the filter. This may not lead to a drastic drop in pool water, but still, it’s got a stake to play.

4. Water Leaks

In a perfect world, swimming pools are designed to be leak-free. Unfortunately, that’s never the case many times. Despite the design work that goes into play, water leaks are still reported as a major cause of water loss in pools.

That being said, there are two types of water leaks you should expect—leaking that’s coming from the pool and one that’s due to defective plumbing. Whichever the case, water leaks should be attended to on time, lest you suffer more damage.

Because of evaporation, it may be a hassle determining if your pool is losing water to water leaks or not. However, with the help of the water bucket test, one should know where the problem is coming from.

McCallum’s Pool Service Can Help

All these problems have a solution. However, it would be best if you found a professional pool service company. McCallum’s Pool Service & Repair LLC is a trusted pool service company based in Phoenix, AZ. We serve Scottsdale, Cave Creek, and the surrounding area. 

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