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What’s the Best Strategy for Pool Maintenance in Cave Creek?

Isn’t your overall experience so much more enjoyable with a sparkling-clean pool that’s well-maintained? How can you get swimming pool maintenance in Cave Creek just right?

Below are a few steps that pool owners can take to keep their swimming area safe, clean, and ready to enjoy.

Basic Swimming Pool Maintenance Procedures

You won’t want to miss these essential steps in your Cave Creek pool maintenance routine:

Check the Water

Sharp pool maintenance in Cave Creek includes inspecting the water for algae and checking:

  • pH level
  • Chlorine reading
  • Chemical balance

If these numbers aren’t in the normal range, you might need to shock the water to eliminate germs and bacteria.

Remove the Debris

Leaves, insects, or other debris can float or fill pool baskets. 

Empty the basket and use a net to remove debris on the surface. 

Clean the Walls and Floors

Algae love pool walls or tiles, so brush the pool’s walls and floors thoroughly. Then, use a vacuum to clean the floor of the pool. 

Doing this regularly greatly improves the pool’s aesthetic. It also curbs health hazards. 

Schedule Cave Creek Pool Maintenance With McCallum’s Pool Service

Of course, you don’t have to worry about pool maintenance in Cave Creek! Trust McCallum’s Pool Service for weekly maintenance and more. Call (480) 734-2495 today!