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What Solutions Does an Experienced Pool-Repairing Company Offer For Common Pool Issues?

Backyard pools stand for summer fun and relaxation, but only if they’re clean, safe, and functional. From large or winding pools to smaller, traditionally shaped ones, special equipment comes in handy. 

As an experienced pool-repairing company, McCallum’s Pool Service knows that plenty of things can go wrong with your pool system. The team shares common issues below.

Have a Pool-Repairing Contractor Check Pool Wall Cracks Pronto

Between the pool parties, natural exposure to the elements, and irregular equipment maintenance, pool cracks eventually occur. The leaks leave you constantly topping off the water levels, not to mention raising utility bills. 

Without intervention, cracks also lead to extensive water damage on the property. Don’t wait long to get a professional pool repair contractor out for leak detection and repair alongside structural repairs.

Pool Repairing in Arizona Treats Fungi Fast 

Since stagnant water encourages algae growth, a common pool repair in Arizona comprises algae treatment. Whether your pool’s filter stops or inconsistent chlorine levels allow ugly blue and green spots to appear, it’s a health risk.

Why not contact a pool-repairing company in Arizona? For example, McCallum’s Pool Service sanitizes surfaces and installs a water quality management system to monitor your pool’s pH balance, chemicals, and more. 

Pool Repairing in Arizona Includes Preparing for the Cooler Months

Your pool is an investment, so why not take full advantage of it year-round? Still, when the weather cools, a broken water heater makes swimming feel more like an ice bath.

A pool-repairing contractor can troubleshoot the thermostat, pilot light, and other features for you to make winter swims toasty again.

Trust Our Pool-Repairing Company in Arizona

From automation system upgrades to simple pool cleanings, McCallum’s Pool Service’s almost-ten-year-old pool-repairing company has over 20 years of experience. For 100% satisfaction guaranteed on pool repair and more in Arizona, call (480) 734-2495 today!