Scale Inhibitor

What is a Scale Inhibitor?

Have you ever been swimming and put your hand or foot against the wall and it felt very rough? If so, you are not alone! This feeling can be caused by a variety of chemical imbalances in a pool, but one of the most likely causes of this is a scale problem. We’ll discuss in this blog what scale is, how you can use a scale inhibitor to prevent it, and why this prevention is so important. Read on to learn more!

What is Scale?

According to pool supply giant BioGuard, scale formation occurs when “there is an oversaturation of minerals in the pool water and water conditions do not allow them to remain dissolved or soluble.” This can mean big trouble for your pool, particularly in the fact that minerals start attaching themselves to all surfaces in and around your pool. This means the scale can come after your ladders, filters, and pool walls, among other surfaces. Scale can cause significant damage that is irreversible if left unchecked. 

Scale can be removed in several different ways. One of the ways that scale is removed is via a brush. Many pool owners take this approach to ensure their pool is not overrun by scale buildup.

What is a Scale Inhibitor?

However, another method to ensure your pool does not get too much scale buildup is to use a scale inhibitor. This is an agent that is designed to reduce the amount of calcium buildup in and around your pool. In addition to reducing calcium build-up, these agents can also help in water hardness by preventing water hardness and magnesium ions.

Why Should You Use a Scale Inhibitor?

Scale inhibitors are excellent at ensuring your pool stays free of scale. But what does that actually mean for you as a pool owner? In short, it comes down to a few great benefits that your swimmers and your wallet will both enjoy. 

  • Prevent and remove any existing metal stains as a result of scale
  • Fight off expensive repair bills that can be caused by this build-up
  • Ensure equipment in and around the pool stays looking and working great

There are certainly other means of prevention to use alongside the scale inhibitor to try to prevent build up. Some things you can supplement your scale inhibitor with include vacuuming your pool often, skimming regularly, brushing walls, and ensuring skimmers are empty.

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