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What Does Weekly Pool Service Include?

For most of us, a pool is a long-term investment we make in our homes. That is why proper pool maintenance is crucial to its performance, functionality, and safety.

A weekly pool service for pool owners can sometimes be an afterthought—something we do but don’t think about. However, having a weekly service that you rely on to ensure your pool is in good working order is essential.

Without it, you could suffer from more than just green water and algae—you could actually get sick from using your pool!

What Does A Weekly Pool Service in Scottsdale, AZ, Include?

It’s important to know what a weekly service includes. The last thing you want is to hire a company that doesn’t know or does what you need. When pool owners hire pool companies, they can expect to get three types of service:

  • Basic service: Cleaning the pool, checking chlorine levels, vacuuming, and skimming
  • Partial service: Thorough cleaning of your pool and all its equipment
  • Full service: Regular cleaning as above, but with added specialist tasks

Your professional pool service will likely do the following during the pool service:

Check the Water Chemistry

One of the first things a pool company does during your weekly pool service is check the water chemistry. This means they take a quick look at your filter and chlorinator and ensure everything’s running smoothly. 

They also check the pH, alkalinity, chlorine, and total dissolved solids (TDS). If any of these readings are off, they’ll talk with you about how to fix them. If they’re outside of normal ranges, they can recommend ways to adjust them, so they are within safe levels.

Clean the Filter and Skimmer Baskets

Cleaning the filter and skimmer baskets is one of the most critical parts of weekly pool service. It’s also one of the easiest. 

The filter catches debris that falls into your pool, so if it gets clogged up with dirt and leaves, it won’t be able to do its job. Meanwhile, the skimmer basket catches debris that floats on your water, so keeping this pool component clean is essential.

Pool professionals can give them a quick scrub with a brush or sponge.

Remove Algae from Your Pool

Weekly pool service includes not just the removal of algae from your pool but also the walls, pool pump, and bottom of the pool. Algae can build up and make your pool look dirty, especially if there’s a lot of it. This is why pool servicing is essential; it allows you to keep your water clean, clear, and sparkling!

Add Chemicals like Chlorine or Bromine as Needed

You may have heard that pool service is just a way to keep your pool clean and sparkling, but many people don’t realize that it also includes adding chemicals like chlorine or bromine to maintain the chemical balance. Pool service companies can help you pick the right chemicals for your pool, so you don’t end up with a green, murky mess. They can also check for issues like leaks in the plumbing system and make sure everything is running smoothly.

Vacuum Leaves, Twigs, and Other Debris from the Surface of the Water

Weekly pool service is a great way to keep your pool sparkling and clean so that you can enjoy it all year long. A professional will vacuum leaves and twigs from the surface of your pool weekly and check for any damage or problems with the liner. They’ll also clean out any filters and ensure nothing needs repair, such as cracks in the walls or missing tiles.

Add Fresh Water to the Pool as Needed

When you have a pool, you want to keep it clean and clear and ensure an adequate water level. One way to do that is by adding fresh water to the pool. This can help keep algae from growing and keep the water clear. 

Most pool services add fresh water to the pool when needed, but not all of them do it every week. You should ask your service professional what they include in their weekly service before signing up.

McCallum’s Pool Service, LLC, has been servicing Arizona pools for over 25 years, and we have the experience and expertise to keep your pool in top shape. We are happy to explain what our weekly pool service entails and how it can benefit your pool and swimming experience.

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