Weekly Pool Service Helps Maximize Your Pool's Lifespan

Weekly Pool Service Helps Maximize Your Pool’s Lifespan

Whether you currently own a pool or have considered pool installation, you want to reap the endless benefits of a perfect, shimmering oasis conveniently located on your own property. While the glistening, cerulean waters can offer such a space, they also come with lots of work. Pool ownership is a never-ending commitment to cleanliness, balance, and safety. A weekly pool service can take some if not all that work off your hands.

It can prove especially useful for people who are new to pool ownership and maintenance. Dive into the benefits with our team at McCallum’s Pool Service & Repair.

The Benefits of Weekly Pool Service

Professional pool services come with innumerable benefits that ultimately prolong your pool’s longevity and usefulness. An unkempt pool will fall victim to algae, harmful bacteria, excessive debris, and chemical imbalance. These problems don’t just harm the pool and its components, but they can also impact the health of unsuspecting swimmers.

Regular pool protects your property and the people you love. While many pool owners relish a sparkling expanse of azure perfection, they lack the skill and attention to detail needed to achieve that perfection. Pool maintenance requires more than what meets the eye.

A professional pool technician can manage the following tasks to ensure the water’s safety and the equipment’s integrity and operations:

  • Pool chemical checks and balances
  • Debris removal
  • Pool filter changes
  • Skimmer basket cleaning
  • Wall and floor cleaning
  • Water level upkeep

Some service providers will also provide post-service reporting to keep you in the loop about what the technician did to maintain your pool.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Basic cleaning and maintenance tasks alone can eat into your time. Pool owners can’t afford to skip them or resort to lax or minimal maintenance management. Unclean pools pose a risk to the health of any swimmers using the pool.

Algae can make a home on the pool’s structure. Have you ever stepped into a pool with walls and flooring that felt slimy to the touch? Colonies of bacteria and algae have made their home on these surfaces.

Plus, the algae can transform a bright, crystalline oasis into an unappealing body of icky green. This happens when the water stagnates or goes unfiltered. As leaves, sticks, and other matter fall into the pool, the water slowly becomes contaminated.

Natural bodies of fresh water can safely support these life forms. Most bodies of water, even seemingly still ones, have some form of organic filtration that protects the ecosystem.

This isn’t the case for manmade swimming pools. Their leak-proof siding and flooring don’t allow water to filter naturally. Without a pool pump providing proper operation, continuous debris removal, and carefully balanced chemicals, the pool rapidly becomes a cesspool of decaying matter, bacteria, and slimy algae. Who wants to swim in that?

Water Chemistry Balance

Speaking of the importance of clean pool water, chemically balanced water is one of the most important parts of a weekly pool service routine. Balancing chemicals can be a tricky task. To achieve an optimal balance, you must:

  • Test the water’s pH balance according to color codes
  • Use the proper products at the right time
  • Add the right amount of products

Otherwise, you’ll end up with waters that are more than just murky and green. Algal bloom can be difficult to eradicate. Plus, bacteria and decay can nourish it. That bacteria can make a person extremely sick if they ingest the water.

When water is too basic, it turns cloudy like milk. Scale will build up along the sides and floors of the swimming pool. Scale removal can degrade and damage the fabric and siding.

Finally, acidic water can scorch skin, eyes, nose, and any exposed mucous membranes. The more acidic the water, the more damage it can do. Plus, acidic water can appear just as crystalline and inviting as well-balanced pool water.

A professional pool cleaner or technician will regularly adjust your pool water until it reaches a perfect, safe balance. You won’t have to worry about dangerous irritation or scale buildup.

Professional Expertise and Routine Inspections

So, how do pool service companies go about executing their weekly packages? First, you’ll call and schedule a consultation. During that consultation, a pool technician will inspect your pool and operating system, making notes about how they could improve your pool experience.

You can add various services from basic cleaning packages to full-spectrum services that encompass all areas of swimming pool maintenance. The technician assigned to your home will regularly inspect, clean, and adjust the pool as needed.

If they encounter any serious issues that require your attention, they’ll promptly notify you. A weekly pool service package puts an end to dangerous “guesstimates” that could negatively impact your experience as a swimming pool owner. As a resident of the hot and arid Grand Canyon State, you need a cool, refreshing haven that lets you escape the intense heat. You don’t need one more labor-intensive project to add to your endless to-do list.

McCallum’s Pool Service & Repair Simplifies Your Weekends with Weekly Pool Service in Scottsdale, AZ

Cross weekly pool service off of your to-do list by calling McCallum’s Pool Service & Repair. Our technicians’ work will make your life so much simpler and more enjoyable by taking on your pool management workload.

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