Upgrading Your Pool Experience: The Advantages of Pool Equipment Upgrades

Upgrading Your Pool Experience: The Advantages of Pool Equipment Upgrades

Pool equipment upgrades can help pool owners maximize their enjoyment of their pool. For example, a practical equipment upgrade like switching to a salt chlorine system can reduce costs and overall pool maintenance. Aesthetic upgrades like improving the lighting enhance your experience during swim season. 

In this post, we look at ways to upgrade your pool to optimize performance and enjoyment. 

Pool Equipment Upgrades for Better Comfort

Do you close off your pool when the winter chill descends? Adding a heat pump offers one of the more practical pool equipment upgrades that allow you to swim for longer each year. A heat pump makes a cost-effective option because it draws heat from the air or ground rather than using electricity. 

However, to maximize this investment, you need to also invest in a pool cover.

The benefits of installing a cover include: 

  • Less water loss through evaporation
  • Added safety
  • Less chlorine loss due to reduced exposure to UV radiation 

Upgrades for Your Peace of Mind

Pool maintenance is a chore, especially if you choose not to use a weekly pool service. However, you can reduce the workload up to a point by investing in pool equipment upgrades in Scottsdale, AZ. 

Automated Water Processing

You can automate water processing in several ways. These include the following: 

  • Smart systems can now regulate your pool’s pH levels, keeping the pool perfectly clean without excessive chemical use. The system releases the chemicals only as necessary, reducing the risk of stinging red eyes and lining corrosion.
  •  Automated filtration systems switch on and off as necessary. Such systems might incorporate smart sensors so that they work harder when the water warms and becomes more prone to bacterial growth. 
  • Variable speed pumps can operate at lower speeds during peak electricity periods and speed up operations during off-peak hours. You can program this function, making it easy to minimize the cost of operating your pool. 
  • Without a pool cover, the water evaporates quickly. Remembering to fill the pool is a chore but essential to preserve the pump. If the pump runs dry, it heats up, which can blow the motor. Automating the process takes care of this tedious task, enabling your pump to last longer. 

Improvements To Save You Money

One of the primary reasons for pool equipment upgrades stems from improved efficiency. Better efficiency results in substantial savings in terms of energy costs. Our team can assist you in working out how much the switch might save you in ongoing energy costs in the long term. 

Replacing a Single-Speed Pump

A single-speed pump becomes one of the most expensive to run because it operates at one speed only. You can reduce energy consumption by switching it off, but this may prove counterproductive during peak periods. 

For example, if your energy company marks peak periods as during the day, it makes sense to switch the pump off. However, you need that water circulation and filtration most when the sun shines. Therefore, you may need more chemicals to offset the reduction in operating time. 

Aside from the higher cost of operating a single-speed pump, you have the inconvenience of needing to switch it on and off. However, you can make this easier if you install a timer that allows you to program the device. 

A variable speed pump solves this dilemma. You can program it to switch down to a lower setting rather than switching it off. Therefore, the water still circulates, and the filtration system still works. You, therefore, use less power and do not need to increase the number of chemicals you use. 

Swapping the Type of Filter

A cartridge filter offers more efficiency than the old-fashioned sand filter. Its segmented design makes it possible to achieve a greater level of filtration, reducing the need for chemicals. It is also easier to maintain and only requires one good clean per season. 

The result means you can forego the expensive backwashing you may need with a sand filter. 

Improvements for Aesthetics

Most people consider the pump and filtration system the only pool equipment. However, we also count the lighting system as part of the equation. Changing out incandescent bulbs for LED bulbs or solar-powered lighting systems can save significant amounts of money in the long run. 

You can also look at upgrades that enhance your pool’s functionality. Spas make a beautiful addition to any pool and increase the entertainment factor. You can also use the spa for a quick dip to avoid dirtying your pool. 

A new sound system can turn your pool area into a first-class entertainment venue. Other aesthetic improvements might include adding a water feature to the pool. While technically not essential pool equipment, this feature might require access to the pool pump.  

Do you need some more ideas? Our team has many to share. 

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