The Right Pool Pump for Improved Performance

The Right Pool Pump for Improved Performance

There’s a reason we think of pool pump as the heart of your swimming pool system. These pumps help you keep your pool water clean by evenly circulating the chemicals that sanitize your water. But there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye.

Can the right pump really improve your pool’s performance by a country mile? Below, Arizona’s experts from McCallum’s Pool Service & Repair take a closer look at your best pool maintenance options.

How Upgrading Your Pool Pump Can Improve Performance

If you own an above-ground pool, the pump is probably your home’s largest electric motor. If so, it consumes thousands of kilo-watt hours each year to keep that pool water pristine enough to enjoy whenever you want to take a dip. But when it comes to pumps for your swimming pool, bigger isn’t always better. 

Considering the crucial role a pool pump plays, a high-quality, energy-efficient unit can go a long way in enhancing your pool’s overall performance. However, the right pump can also help you save on energy costs. Here’s how you could get more out of your pool:

Harness Variable Speed Technology and Save Big

Most pool pumps will run longer than necessary while removing debris and keeping the chemicals mixed with your pool’s water. However, you don’t have to recirculate water every day. Many homeowners are also shocked to realize that longer circulation times do not always reduce algae growth.

What’s the best solution? Getting a pool pump with variable speed technology allows the pump to use energy as needed. For example, it will use more energy for cleaning but less on low-flow tasks like filtration.

The technology is energy efficient, offering significant energy savings. It also increases the effectiveness of the chemicals responsible for fighting bacteria and algae growth in your pool.

Enjoy Unmatched Convenience with Remote Options

Have you considered installing a pump with an in-built timer? It allows you to control your pump’s cycling remotely. If debris becomes an issue, you can activate your pump for short cycles across the day to clean as needed.

Why deal with the hassle of manually switching the pool pump on and off when you don’t have to?

Don’t Underestimate Reduced Filtration Time

Did you know that water filtration is more effective at slower speeds? Quickly passing water through the filter causes more turbulence and reduces the quality of the filtration. 

Reducing the pump’s filtration time could make this crucial cleaning process more effective and simultaneously lower your pump’s energy consumption. It will improve the water quality too.

What to Look For When Shopping for Pool Pump

Water circulation is vital for a healthy pool in Scottsdale, Arizona, and everywhere else. Pool pumps determine your pool’s rate of water circulation, so they are essential pieces of equipment. Installing the right pool pump will go a long way in helping you get more out of your pool long-term.

Pool Size

Have you calculated your pool’s optimal flow rate per hour? The figure will help you select a compatible pump. The flow rate calculation uses your pool’s size in liters, so be sure to ask professionals like McCallum’s Pool Service & Repair for assistance if you need it.


Intuitively, we think of pumps with higher horsepower as a superior choice. However, a pump that is too powerful will cause irreversible and costly problems with your swimming pool system. You need a pump powerful enough to clean the pool and circulate the water but not one that will exceed your filter’s maximum flow rate capabilities.


Dual, multi, or variable-speed pumps consume much less electricity. Speed them up when you need more power, or run them at slower speeds for an energy-efficient pool pump system that gives you many years of reliable cleaning.


Is the noise of your pool pump a factor? Opt for a pump that runs quietly. It will easily operate during off-peak hours without being an annoyance to you and your neighbors.


Like every pool appliance you purchase, the cost will be a factor to consider. Unfortunately, looking at monthly costs for a pool is not as straightforward as it might seem. For instance, a cheap pump might seem ideal but will cost far more in the long run if it is the wrong size or offers less durability.

However, an expensive pump doesn’t automatically equate to quality performance or better energy efficiency. So, the best approach is to first list the ideal features you’d like in a new pump and then match these requirements to the best option within your budget. If you need some help, be sure to check in with local experts like McCallum’s Pool Service & Repair.

Quality Installation from McCallum’s Pool Service & Repair in Scottsdale, AZ

Few things are more indispensable to your swimming pool than a well-maintained, energy-efficient pump. It lets pool owners keep the water clean and safe and helps them get the most out of the swimming pool throughout the year.

Would you like some expert guidance in choosing a filter pump that works best for your pool’s type and size? The team at McCallum’s Pool Service & Repair has ample expertise in quality pump installations, repairs, and maintenance. Tap into your pool’s full potential and let us help you optimize your pool pump in Scottsdale, AZ, and the surrounding communities.

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