The Importance Of Off-Season Pool Maintenance

The Importance of Off-Season Pool Maintenance

Your pool is a full-time commitment, even when it’s not in use. During the winter months, it’s easy to let your pool slip into disrepair. This neglect will cost you in the long run, necessitating expensive repairs and shortening your pool’s lifespan.

Our team at McCallum’s Pool Service & Repair can keep your pool looking its best with regular pool maintenance year-round. Keeping your water clean ensures your pool stays swim-ready, even at a moment’s notice.

If you need pool maintenance in Scottsdale, look no further than McCallum’s Pool Service & Repair. Below, we’ll detail the essentials of off-season pool maintenance.

Pool Chemicals 

During autumn, dose your pool with an algaecide and chlorine before closing it for the season. Be careful not to add too much chlorine, as it will bleach your pool’s liner.

This preventative measure protects the water from bacteria, algae, and other contaminants while not in use. Read the instructions for the chemicals thoroughly and ensure you use the correct amounts. For minimal hassle, contact our team for expert help shocking and winterizing your pool.

In early spring, dose the pool again before it warms up. Doing so will prompt the pool to start cleaning itself, making it easier to reopen the pool.

Prevent System Freezing with Correct Water Levels 

Keep an eye on the weather throughout the autumn months. Before the cold sets in, lower your water levels.

Drain water from the following equipment: 

  • Pool filter
  • Pump 
  • Heater 

Keep water from any motorized part of the pool. Water expands as it freezes and will break these parts and pipes during cold weather, causing expensive repairs. Keep the water levels at least six inches below the pool skimmer, and ensure no water can get into the pipes or filter. 

At this time, discard any unused pool chemicals. These substances are hazardous when expired and can do more harm than good. Buy new chemicals in early spring for optimal results. 

Remove and Prevent Debris 

For easier pool maintenance, clean your pool thoroughly before closing it for the season. When it’s time, cover your pool with a safe, winterized pool cover. This step prevents accidents, such as toddlers and animals falling in, and keeps debris from contaminating the water. 

Check that your pool cover fits the pool seamlessly. Before reopening the pool cover, vacuum it to remove all traces of grime. 

When preparing the pool for summer, vacuum the bottom and scrub the walls to remove as many algae and dirt as possible. Use a skimmer basket to eliminate all floating leaves and debris. Specialized vacuum heads can help you reach the bottom of the pool for easier maintenance. 

These steps are essential to pool maintenance and will help you enjoy your pool worry-free throughout the summer.

Open the Pool Early 

During the winter, all the microorganisms in the water will slow down. They nearly stop reproduction and growth. Once the water begins to heat, those microorganisms come alive again and grow wildly. 

Doing your water treatment before it gets warm gives you a jumpstart and ensures your water is ready to go. Refilling the pool after the last frost, deep cleaning it, and treating it with the right chemicals will make it usable.

How We Can Help You 

A pool is an investment, and our team helps you treat it as such. If you choose to hire out your off-season pool tasks, we’ll help you with the following: 

  • Repairs and preventative work: Our fully qualified team will keep your pool motors functioning. We’ll inspect every nook and cranny of your pool and speak with you if we find any problematic areas. 
  • Pool chemicals: Dosing your pool requires a careful eye and a solid understanding of pool chemistry. Our team can help you find the perfect combination of effective chemicals suited to your needs. 
  • Regular cleaning: Even during the winter, your pool requires some cleaning. Our team will help you determine what cleaning tasks are important and what can wait for the warmer months. 

Turn to McCallum’s Pool Service & Repair for your pool’s needs. We’re here to keep your pool in top shape year-round.

Contact McCallum’s Pool Service & Repair 

Consistent, reliable pool maintenance ensures you and your guests can use your pool with peace of mind. Whether you need to winterize your pool or replace a part, our expert team can tackle the job. Contact McCallum’s Pool Service & Repair today at (480) 734-2495 for a free estimate in Scottsdale, AZ.