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A Guide to Pool Safety: 5 Swimming Pool Safety Tips

As a feature in modern designs, there is a considerable rise in swimming pools in homes, hotels, and schools. The huge number adds an element of risk and potential accident to the mix. According to the City of Phoenix fire department, 66 pool accidents resulted in 19 fatalities in 2020. These statistics point to potential danger to a child or loved one. To that end, there is a need to take extra caution in swimming pools.

Here are a few tips to boost your safety and that of your loved ones.

1. Enroll for Swimming Lessons

Swimming is a fun activity but with the potential to bring grief and loss to a family. It’s also a life-saving skill that you should endeavor to have in your family. That said, it’s beneficial to enroll your family members — especially kids — in swimming classes.

Some available training programs include:

  • Local YMCA
  • Parks and Recreational department
  • USA swimming chapter
  • Private swim instructor

2. Erect a Pool Barrier or Fence

You can erect a barricade around the swimming pool to act as the first line of defense. The physical barrier deters children from accessing the pool without adult supervision. On that note, it’s mandatory in some states or municipalities to have the barrier.

A point to note: It’s a requirement under insurance law to adhere to local laws. It’s also your responsibility to protect visitors from potential accidents within your pool.

Below are some of the aspects that improve the barricade:

  • The fence should be at least 5 feet high or above.
  • Chain link fences should not exceed 1¼ inch square
  • Avoid benches or blocks that can help kids around the fence
  • The barricade should have self-closing gates with a self-closing latch
  • You can also install a door alarm between the house and the pool area to increase alertness.

3. Adhere to Pool Safety Protocols

There are safety rules and protocols in public areas like gymnasiums, sports complexes, and hotels. The set of instructions and guidelines are put in place by management to boost awareness and safety. That said, it’s advisable to refer to those rules whenever you’re not sure how to conduct yourself in the public pools.

4. Supervise Your Kids

Children are more likely to fall into swimming pools because of their playful nature. As a precaution, an adult must accompany a child in the pool area. Here are some suggestions regarding supervision:

  • Designated Watcher: In hotels or public parks, ensure there is an employee tasked with watching kids. It’s also good to personally keep an eye on your kids to improve security.
  • Playing Around the Pool Area: Drowning can occur when children play near a pool. Remove all play items such as toys and bicycles at the poolside.
  • Swimming Alone: Despite your child’s swimming expertise, you can significantly reduce the probability of an accident by swimming with them.

5. Emergency Response

Accidents have an element of chance, therefore making it wise to prepare for the worst-case scenario. Here’s how to improve accident response:

  • CPR Certification: Ensure the lifeguard on duty has a current CPR(cardiopulmonary resuscitation) certification in cases of public pools. You can also acquire these skills from Red Cross, hospitals, or social centers. Knowing CPR skills can prevent a fatality in cases of drowning.
  • Mobile Phone: Ensure the supervisor or designated water watcher have access to a mobile phone in case of an emergency.
  • You should also encourage your children to always contact an adult in case of an accident.

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