Swimming Pool Safety Tips For Children

A pool is supposed to be a sanctuary for relaxation and a great way to stay cool in the steaming summer months. Unfortunately, it can also be a dangerous place for children if parents/grandparents and children themselves aren’t careful. In fact, the CDC reports that

  • “More children ages 1-4 die from drowning than any other cause of death except birth defects.” 
  • “Drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional injury death after motor vehicle crashes” for children ages 1-14. 

We don’t want to permanently scare you away from the pool, but just like every good thing in life there is a level of risk involved. But there are ways to circumvent that risk and keep everyone in and around your pool safe, making your backyard the ultimate hangout place! 

Have an Adult Nearby at All Times

As the owner of your pool, you have the responsibility to make sure it is always safe. The biggest factor that will play into children’s safety while swimming or being around the pool is having an adult there at all times to supervise or act if anything seems to go wrong. 

Established Rules before Swimming

If you are hosting family or your child is having friends over for swimming, make sure that everyone, especially the children, know the rules of the pool before hopping in. This can include no running, no excessive roughhousing, no diving, etc. Communicate this early and as often as needed, all while a parent or guardian is supervising. 

Safety in the Pool

 When in the pool, there are some specific things to implement for children’s safety. 

  • Teach your child to swim early. You can do this by yourself or through swim lessons, but making sure they can swim will help prevent any safety issues. Additionally, make sure that anyone who comes over to swim is able to swim on their own or they are accompanied by a parent if they cannot swim. 
  • Stay away from unsafe drains that can cause injury or pain, particularly to kids while swimming. If you want to upgrade your pool’s safety by installing newer drains that prevent them from trapping hair or other body parts, contact McCallum’s Pool Service & Repair for a free quote and information for how we can help. 
  • Play safe. Kids shouldn’t dive, roughhouse, or do anything else that can lead to injury while in the pool. It’s best also if the adults set a good example for these rules. 

Safety Around the Pool

Outside the pool, there are still a few tips that can help keep kids safe. 

  • No running. The exterior pool surface can quickly get slippery, which makes it easier for an accident to happen if kids aren’t careful. Remind them to walk and watch where they are going. 
  • Clean up around the pool. Toys, chairs, clothes, and other loose items can build on the pool’s edge. Organize any of these items to prevent tripping or falling. 
  • Install a gate or barricade. This will prevent anyone from trespassing, but it will also play a proactive role to keep any wandering, neighborhood children from entering the pool and possibly getting hurt. 

Wear Sunscreen 

Less drastic but still important is wearing sunscreen. Kids especially like to forget about this initial step to swimming and just jump in the pool. Nationwide Children’s explains that skin cancer is actually increasing in young people. The sun’s rays can cause skin aging and skin cancer, so ensure kids are smart before swimming by wearing sunscreen. 

Final Thoughts

Pools are supposed to be a great source of fun and even exercise for children. Follow these tips and any others that your family and household agree on to make your backyard pool safe for anyone. 

McCallum’s, your Scottsdale neighborhood pool service and repair, is glad to offer these quick, easy-to-implement tips for relaxing and enjoyable pool safety. If we can help make your pool/pool area safer or upgrade it to your dream pool, you can contact us through our website or by calling (480) 734-2495