Simplify Your Life with McCallum's Weekly Pool Service Plan

Simplify Your Life with McCallum’s Weekly Pool Service Plan

If you live in a hot climate like Arizona, a swimming pool in the backyard definitely has its advantages. Everyone enjoys a cool dip in the privacy and comfort of their own homes. However, that’s only when there are easy maintenance options, like a cost-effective weekly pool service.

Without these services, any pool could quickly become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Not only does this ruin the water’s appearance, but it also creates health and safety concerns. That’s why local companies like McCallum’s Pool Service & Repair offer reliable maintenance plans that go a long way toward keeping your pool in pristine condition. 

Read on to learn more about how regular pool service could keep things running smoothly.

The Advantages of Relying on a Professional Pool Service Every Week

It’s understandable that not every pool owner is in a position to maintain their pool themselves. Professional pool maintenance involves a lot more than ridding the swimming pool of leaves and other debris. It is a demanding task that requires a significant investment of your time and money.

If you don’t have the level of expertise and experience to keep a pool in good shape, why not consider professional pool service options? If you are having trouble keeping up with your pool’s demanding maintenance schedule, professional pool maintenance is an excellent alternative. You can rest easy knowing your pool’s servicing is in competent hands and reap the following benefits:

Save Time

As a homeowner, you probably already have a lot on your plate. Why add weekly pool maintenance to your schedule? You don’t have to sacrifice time with your family to tend to your pool if you hire a competent professional pool service/

The decision frees you from DIY pool maintenance tasks and provides peace of mind that you and your family can enjoy the pool anytime you want to.

Save Money

Pool owners may mistakenly think that servicing the pool themselves will save money. But things add up quickly when you have to purchase tools or chemicals, especially when you get it wrong. 

Ineffective maintenance could also cause extensive damage to your pool. Why leave yourself open to the expensive job of repairing or replacing entire pumps or filter components that a professional service could have helped you avoid?

Make the Pool Safer

Dirt, germs, and bacteria easily contaminate a pool, creating several safety hazards. By scheduling weekly pool service, you can help keep your pool safe for you and your family.

Increase Your Pool’s Lifespan

Your swimming pool is a significant investment, but only if it can maintain its value. Relying on regular professional care keeps your pool looking amazing. It also minimizes the need for extensive repairs as the weekly service catches issues early.

McCallum’s Weekly Pool Maintenance Plan

Hiring trained professionals to maintain your swimming pool ensures reliable solutions for any damages or health issues as they arise. You can relax, extend your pool’s lifespan, and protect your property’s value for total peace of mind.

Additionally, opting for professional pool service isn’t the same as hiring a pool cleaner every week. While a cleaner focuses on keeping the pool free of debris, a weekly service tends to every aspect of your swimming pool, including safety and long-term performance.

Here are some of the things to expect from a weekly pool maintenance service in Arizona:

Test Chlorine and pH Levels

A clear swimming pool needs more than a lack of debris or algae; the chemical levels should be right for healthy swimming and long-lasting fixtures. A team like McCallum’s Pool Service & Repair will test your pool water’s chlorine and pH levels during each visit, adjusting the levels as needed. 

The pool might also benefit from special chemical treatments like applying preventative algaecides and phosphate removers to keep the water safe.

Inspect Pool Equipment

Every pool owner is aware of the complex equipment needed to maintain the pool, from filters to pumps. However, there is a lot of machinery behind the scenes that needs to work well. The maintenance of this equipment is a vital part of weekly services for your Arizona pool.

A team like McCallum’s Pool Service & Repair will always inspect the pool equipment, remedy any concerning issues, and ensure you have optimally functioning pool components before they leave.

Clean the Pool

A dirty pool is less inviting and potentially dangerous for swimmers. Basic cleanliness goes a long way, so weekly maintenance should always include brushing your pool’s floors, walls, waterline, and edge. The professionals will also check the water level, vacuum, and empty baskets or silt bags.

Clean the Filter

Your pool’s filter keeps dirt and debris out of the delicate systems and the water itself. Pool experts typically recommend that you clean your pool’s filter twice a year. But cleaning the filter a lot more regularly makes a huge difference in the long run.

Why not let our McCallum’s Pool Service & Repair team assess the state of your filter? Our pool service company also lets you know early if it needs replacing so that you can make informed decisions about keeping your pool in tip-top condition.

Professional Weekly Pool Service in Scottsdale, AZ

Whether you use it for exercise, fun, or relaxation, your pool deserves the best. Weekly pool service is paramount to enjoying these benefits without interruption, so don’t wait to look into the options!

Call McCallum’s Pool Service & Repair at (480) 734-2495 today to learn more about our weekly pool maintenance plan around Scottsdale, AZ.