The Right Pool Pump for Improved Performance

Signs You Need a Professional Pool Pump Service

Your swimming pool needs a working pump to keep the water clean and all spa equipment working optimally. You might need a pool pump service if the equipment malfunctions. Discover common signs that indicate it’s time for a pool pump repair or upgrade. 

Schedule Pool Pump Repair If You Hear Strange Noises

A variable speed pump can make rattling sounds if blockages appear in the plumbing. You may also notice a high-pitched screeching noise when the bearings start to fail. Finally, buzzing noises from the motor could indicate several different issues. 

Have a professional inspect the equipment and perform repairs. 

The Pump Leaks

In some cases, you can repair a leaky pipe on your own by replacing cracked o-rings. Take action as soon as you notice the leak to avoid unhealthy changes in your pool’s water quality. 

The Pump Basket Doesn’t Fill With Water

Clogged pool filters can prevent your pump basket from filling with water. Clear any debris from the filter to resolve this problem. If the issue persists, you should schedule a pool pump service to rule out or repair possible air leaks. 

Your Troubleshooting Methods Aren’t Permanent

Pool pumps don’t last forever. Although you can fix leaks, motor problems, and other pump malfunctions, some repairs only last so long before the problem recurs. When this happens, you’ll need to schedule a pool pump upgrade. 

Replacing old equipment can save you on ongoing repair costs and also give you peace of mind that the pump will work for many years to come. 

Contact McCallum’s Pool Service for a Pool Pump Upgrade

Look no further for exceptional pool pump service in Arizona. McCallum’s Pool Service can inspect and repair all equipment, from pool lights to intricate plumbing systems. Contact our friendly specialists at (480) 734-2495 to schedule pool equipment repair or replacement services.