Pool Draining Service in Scottsdale & Cave Creek, AZ

Due to extreme evaporation and a heavy reliance on chlorine tablets, our pools in Arizona need to be drained with relative frequency (for play pools, usually every 3 to 5 years).  McCallum’s Pool Service can help you with draining your pool and returning once refilled to properly balance the water chemistry so you will be ready for the next season.

To minimize the possible impact of your pool is empty and open to the elements, we recommend draining your pool between October and April. While the pool is empty, McCallum’s Pool Service can also acid wash the interior finish or remove the scale line from your perimeter tile line. Call us today to inquire.

The pool at your backyard often needs to be emptied as regularly as recommended. This is to ensure you keep hard water away from it. The truth about pools is that hard water is not ideal for them. In fact, it constitutes a dangerous health hazard to swimmers.

A pool not adequately taken care of could cause skin and eye irritation. Unfortunately, when water evaporates from a pool, certain chemicals are left behind, which makes the water harder.

If this continues for long, the water becomes extremely hard. As such, it is necessary to drain your pool. Draining your pool should be more frequent if your pool is in an area with hard water.

We’ll look at what pool draining is and how you need to employ the service of a pool draining professional to rid your pool of hard water.

What Does Draining a Pool Entail?

Pool draining is the process of removing the whole water of a pool through the filtering system. To ensure that pool water is completely drained from the pool, the pool’s drains are located at the lowest point of the pool.

Why You Need It?

One issue that necessitates pool draining is that your pool water collects organic material and phosphates that are too small for your filter to filter out. It’d be wrong to think that your pool chlorine will treat these organic materials. The purpose of chlorine in a pool is to render the pool void of bacteria and algae.

You can remove phosphate and organic materials with phosphate remover. There are also lesser products on the market you can consider for treating these organic materials. However, they are not highly effective.

If it has been long you treated these materials in your pool, you necessarily need to drain the pool. The accumulation of these organic materials hinders chlorine from treating bacteria in your pool water.

It is necessary to drain your pool water every 4 or 5 years. Draining should be completed to ensure that these organic materials and phosphate are completely removed from your pool water. It is easier to maintain your pool after completely draining its water.

If you see no reason for draining your pool, you might need to consider the problems it might generate. Failure to drain your pool water for 5 years allows your pool to develop algae and cloudy water, which increases how much you spend on chemicals to keep your pool clean.

Why McCallum’s Pool Service For Draining? 

Draining your pool is an essential part of maintenance culture. The pool has a lot of benefits that you cannot help but put them in good shape. You can give your swimming pool an equal amount of care you give to your bedroom. After all, the scorching sun and harsh weather conditions of the summer could make you hide inside your pool for safety and relaxation. If you choose the Do-It-Yourself method of draining pools, you might not get the best result. So, hiring pool draining services is the best way to go. McCallum’s Pool Service & Repair is your trusted pool service company by hundreds of homes including the Desert Highlands Golf Club Neighborhood. Contact us today for a free estimate.