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Pool filters are among the most crucial parts of your swimming pool system. They help keep the water safe and clean for you, your family as well as friends. With a poorly working pool filter, you are at risk of exposing yourself and loved ones to polluted water that may be dangerous and full of hazardous debris, chemicals, and algae. 

Since pool filters perform their best when regularly maintained, it is crucial to schedule constant repairs. When it stops working well, the dirt is recirculated back into the pool. One significant sign that it’s not working is when you are forced to keep cleaning it regularly just to find it dirty again. If you need a pool filter repair or installation, reach out to us at McCallum’s Pool Service & Repair today.

Types of Pool Filters to Consider

1. Diatomaceous Earth (D.E) Filters

D.E pool filters are considered the highest quality since they filter to the finest micron. Diatomaceous earth refers to the exoskeletons of diatoms that have been fossilized. This material is basically mined from the earth. These fossilized diatoms act as tiny sieves that filter out microscopic particles. You need to add the D.E powder whenever you vacuum and then backwash afterward. Even though D.E filters are a little more expensive, they have a longer lifespan as compared to other variations making it worth the cost.

2. Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters are among the most popular types you can own. They have a well-enhanced filtering capacity and will significantly help you save pool water. They are well preferred for saltwater because they don’t require backwashing; thus, there is no saltwater backwashed into your backyard landscaping. The filters, however, need some maintenance to enhance their effectiveness.

3. Sand Pool Filters

Sand filters are also very common since they are inexpensive and easy to understand as well as use. Though they are incredibly popular, they are considered the least operative type of filter since they do not filter your swimming pool water to the tiniest possible micron. The filter is filled with sand, and then the water is pulled into the filter and afterward pressed through the sand. The sand then filters out particles from the water, and the water flows back into the pool. One of these filters’ significant drawbacks is that they use more water with time due to recurrent backwashing being necessary. 

When your filtration system is functioning well, the water is clear, clean, and blue. However, when it is broken, algae begins to build inside your pool, giving your water a misty appearance followed by a green hue caused by algae overgrowth. Leaking or clogged filters are also a sign that your pool needs attention. Therefore, getting your filter cleaned or repaired is one way to ensure that your pool is operating normally.

Why McCallum’s Pool Service?

At McCallum’s Pool Service & Repair, we offer an array of pool maintenance, repair, and other troubleshooting services. We understand that a pool is more than a backward feature; it’s a place for creating lasting memories and making fun. We are thus committed to certifying that your pool filter, as well as other swimming pool equipment, are in great shape and function as required.  We do the repair and installation of pool filters, including D.E. Filters and Cartridge.

Additionally, we take pride in providing top-notch services with a timely response to your needs. Our highly-experienced team of experts is ready to offer you the best-in-class services so that you can get the most out of your swimming pool and backyard. We don’t rest until you love our final outcome.

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