The Importance of Pool PH Levels

What are pH Levels?

They say balance is key, and that is especially true when it comes to your swimming pool’s pH levels. Keeping this balance in your pool will require proper chemical maintenance to ensure your pool water stays clean, as well as protect other pool system components from damage.

Measuring the balance of the chemicals in your pool is determined by pH level. The pool water’s pH level measures its acidity on a scale between 0 and 14. For example, pool water measured below 7.0 indicates the water is acidic, whereas pool water measured above 7.0 indicates the water is alkaline.

Understanding why balancing pH levels are important is essential to maintaining a healthy pool. But why are balancing pH levels so important?

The Importance Of Ph Levels In Your Pool

Balancing pH levels is important because low pH levels can cause skin and eye irritation and lead to corrosion. Conversely, high pH levels can cause your pool water to get cloudy and reduce the effectiveness of chlorine. In addition, improper pH levels can also damage vinyl liners. 

Low pH Levels Can Cause Skin and Eye Irritation

Low pH levels are high in acidity and irritate the body. For example, water high in acidity irritates the eyes, strips your body of essential oils, and leaves your skin dried out. 

Low pH Levels Can Lead to Corrosion

Low pH levels high in acidity can corrode your pool system and your pumps and can even eat away at the plaster in pools. 

High pH Levels Reduce the Effectiveness of Chlorine

The higher the pH level, the less effective chlorine will disinfect your pool. The less effective the chlorine is, the more you need to put into it, and getting more chlorine than you need can be a big waste of money. 

High pH Levels Can Cause Your Pool Water to Get Cloudy

When pH levels rise, minerals in the pool solution can come out and lead to dirty water filled with minerals. If you think chlorine irritates your eyes, just think what mineral deposits would feel like. That’s why it’s best to keep your pH levels balanced. 

Improper pH Levels Can Damage Vinyl Liners

Unbalanced pH levels that are either too low or too high on the pH scale can cause vinyl liners to age faster and need replacements which can be a waste of money. 

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