Vinyl Liner Pool

Is It Worth Getting a Vinyl Liner Pool?

Even though summer is winding down, that doesn’t mean we need to wind down on using our backyard pools, especially in the Phoenix area! You might be doing some back-to-school shopping or improving parts of your home, and what better upgrade to add than your home’s pool? McCallum’s Pool Service & Repair team has been expert in the pool industry for over 23 years. And in this blog, we’re going to explore whether or not a vinyl liner pool is right for you.

What Is a Vinyl Liner Pool?

The chances are you’ve encountered a vinyl liner pool. After all, vinyl-lined pools are the most common swimming pool. This pool type has a custom-made sheet of vinyl between the water and pool structure. The wall panels are secured together so the weight of the water won’t obscure the liner. So, the vinyl liner pool is the most common, but what are its benefits?

Cost-Effective Choice

The cost-effective choice for a pool type is the vinyl-lined pool. And this is particularly in comparison to a fiberglass or concrete option. There’s less labor to install a pool and needs no resurfacing, which makes the vinyl liner stand out. Concrete and fiberglass are much more expensive. Yet, your biggest pool costs include walls, pumps, filtration systems, and maintenance.

Less Maintenance

Speaking of maintenance, another advantage to a vinyl liner pool is that it requires less maintenance. Vinyl requires less chemicals because it’s a nonporous surface. Contaminants, like algae, are less able to wreak havoc on a pool. The liners themselves are extremely durable and last for years with proper maintenance. Plus, the vinyl is less vulnerable to freezing or thawing compared to fiberglass or concrete. This might be something more important to homeowners in colder climate regions, but it’s still a great factor to consider.

Long Vinyl Lifetime

We mentioned a good lifetime, but specifically how long should vinyl liners last? With proper and regular maintenance, vinyl pool liners can last up to ten years. This depends on a few factors, primarily how much use it sustains and sunlight exposure.

Variety of Design Options

In the last decade or so, vinyl pools have increased their aesthetic and customization. You can have a vinyl liner for practically any shape of the pool, whereas back in the day it was limited to a rectangle. Liners even come in a variety of colors, patterns, and thicknesses. Fiberglass and concrete pool options are relatively limited. And once you make a decision, you’re stuck with it. Yet, with vinyl liner, you can update your pool if you want, based on trends or updates. You get control over how you want your pool to complement your backyard and entire home with a vinyl liner choice.


The vinyl liner has a smooth feel that concrete and fiberglass just can’t compete with. Children, in particular, are more likely to skin their heel or elbow on a concrete pool. With vinyl, you get a smooth surface, making you glide even more in your pool.

Speedier Installation Time

A vinyl liner pool can be added to your backyard anywhere between one to three weeks (depending on your provider and other logistics). Concrete and fiberglass certainly take a bit more time. So, with a vinyl-lined pool, you can have a faster installation time.

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