Is Buying a Used Fiberglass Pool a Good Idea?

The idea of buying a used fiberglass pool might sound like a joke, but it does happen. People purchase used fiberglass pools more frequently than you imagine. Fiberglass pools are known for their easy-to-install properties and are a faster alternative to gunite and traditional pool construction.

As a homeowner, you’ll be surprised to learn that fiberglass pools are gaining more popularity as a high-quality alternative for high-end installations. So is it wise to buy a used fiberglass pool? What are the key things to remember when getting one?

Often, a used fiberglass pool is one that’s been partially installed, cracked during the process, and had to be repaired at the factory since the repair on the job site would have been costly. In other cases, fully installed pools are removed from the ground for the homeowners to install another pool or change their backyard’s design.

However, since fiberglass pool shells can last for 50 years or more, removing fully installed ones from the ground might not pose an issue. If you’ve been playing around with the idea of buying a used fiberglass pool, here are some things you should keep in mind.

What are the Primary Considerations?

How does the pool look?

Based on the type of pool you’re buying, and the quality of work carried out during repair, the pool’s cosmetic finish and overall look of the repair can vary greatly. Sometimes, you’ll find that the repair job blends well with the pool. Other times, you can spot the restoration from a mile away. Either way, you should consider how the pool will look once the repair is done.

Was it cracked before?

A pool crack is almost always visible since there tends to be a discoloration of sorts both on the outside and inside the pool. The discoloration serves as an indicator of where the damage was. However, just because your pool shell was damaged before, it doesn’t mean that the pool is weak in any areas. On the contrary, the way fiberglass shells are designed, they may make the pool even stronger than the way it was before the repair job took place.

Is there a warranty?

This particular question is crucial. Often you’ll find that fiberglass pools have a 25-year structural warranty. If you’re thinking of purchasing a used shell, ensure that the company provides you with a warranty in writing. Additionally, you should find out exactly who will be handling the repair if you ever need one. The party responsible for the repair might be the pool builder or the original manufacturer.

How Much is a Used Fiberglass Pool?

Although this is a frequently asked question, there is no set industry standard that can provide the correct answer for this question. The price range may vary quite a bit depending on the repair job and the installer.

For instance, a fiberglass pool that’s been in the ground for a long time typically goes for 50-75% off of the retail price. In my opinion, if the pool is relatively new and has a few cracks and the repair looks great, then you may get a 5-15% discount on the retail price of the shell itself.

McCallum’s Pool Service Can Help

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