How Weekly Pool Service Can Save You Money in the Long Run

How Weekly Pool Service Can Save You Money in the Long Run

How can paying for a weekly pool service really save you money in the long run? Regular maintenance by a professional pool service technician will extend the lifespan of your pool pump and other equipment, saving you time and money.

Read on to learn about the benefits of hiring a pool company from McCallum’s Pool Service & Repair in Scottsdale, AZ.

Save Money on Expensive Tools 

The cost of pool skimmers, testing kits, and all the essential tools you need to keep your pool clean soon adds up. When you add in the impulse buys of products that don’t make your life as easy as they claim, pool tools are expensive.

Do you have space to store all of the equipment necessary to keep your pool in peak condition? When you hire us, we bring our own equipment, so you won’t have to spend a fortune on tools or waste space storing them. 

No Wasted Money on Chemicals 

You dose the pool with chlorine one day and find that the water is too acidic to swim in the next. You decide to ease off on the chlorine, only to find the water turns a bright shade of green due to algae growth. Maintaining the pool’s delicate pH balance requires time and experience.

Without adequately testing the water and understanding how to correct imbalances, you’re in for a steep learning curve. Thanks to the cost of pool chemicals, it’s also an expensive one.

With a weekly pool service, you don’t have to guess. Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to administer the chemicals correctly.

Better Lifespan for Your Pool

If you think about it, the pool lining suffers as much abuse as your house walls, and maybe even more. The chemicals you add to keep the pool clean degrade the lining over time. If you’re a little slack and algae grow, they will causes damage, leading to more expensive remediation.

Extend your pool’s lifespan by hiring a pool service. They will keep your pool’s chemicals properly balanced to prevent algae and other dangerous bacteria from accumulating. 

Better Property Value

Our weekly pool service in Scottsdale, AZ, keeps your pool clean and sparkling. Regular cleans also prevent stains from setting in and ensure that you make repairs before they become expensive problems. These small signs show potential buyers that you’re serious about home maintenance. 

The clear water will wow some buyers, but savvy buyers will pay more attention to the lining. If you want the best offer for your property, it’s imperative to take care of your pool from day one. 

Fewer Health Risks 

Algae growing on the walls is not pretty, but it’s not the worst contaminant out there. As a weekly pool service, we are more concerned about the pathogens you cannot see. By hiring professionals, you protect the health of anyone who swims in the water. If that’s your family, it means fewer health risks. 

If someone falls ill after swimming in your pool and they trace it back to you, you may be liable for expensive medical bills. Depending on the complaint’s severity, you may also have to pay for time off work and other ancillary expenses. 

Find Issues While They Are Still Inexpensive to Fix

Your pool pump may continue to work if there is a worn part, and you may not even notice much of a difference in performance. Over time, however, the system strains more and more, and the other parts have to pick up the slack for the worn one, causing everything to work harder.

Ultimately, the entire system will fail, resulting in you having to replace the pump. If you conduct the repairs in the early stages, you can avoid this entire mess.

Other serious issues can include problems with the filtration system, leaks, and  damages to the finish. Our team assists with the following:


Pool pump check-ups


Water testing


Filtration system cleaning

We ensure proper operation of your system so it works as efficiently as possible.

Save on Utilities

Most people know that an undetected leak could mean wasting gallons of water every week. However, most homeowners forget that poor maintenance can increase your power bill too. If your system is operating at peak efficiency, there’s nothing to worry about. However, if there is a worn component, the system must work harder to compensate, causing it to use more power.

It’s also worth noting that if the system is less efficient, it may use more chemicals and require additional cleaning to keep the pool usable.

Get the Full Use Out of Your Pool

Your pool provides hours of entertainment for everyone in your family. Whether you want to play pool basketball, Marco Polo, or simply lounge in a floaty, you must take the necessary precautions to keep your pool surface, the lining, and the water safe and clean.

We know how time-consuming and expensive it is to perform upkeep on a pool. That’s why our pool-cleaning experts use professional-grade equipment and put their experience to work to provide services that keep your pool in top condition. 

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