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How to Protect Your Pool During Arizona Storms & Monsoon Season

Any native Arizonan can tell you that monsoon season gets pretty rough. According to the ADOT, monsoon season begins in June and continues through September. With the higher humidity, there’s thunderstorms, heavy rain, lightning, hail, high winds, flash flooding, dust storms, and extreme heat. Serious caution should be taken for any citizen and visitor, especially those on the road.

In addition to being safe while driving, it’s important to make sure your home is ready for the storms. And at McCallum’s Pool Service & Repair, where we’ve been in business since 2015 and our owner has over 23 years of experience in the pool industry, we’ve seen a thing or two. We’re proud to be experts in the field, and that’s why we want to share some tips for how to protect your pool during Arizona storms, and especially the notorious monsoon season.

Balance Your Water Chemistry

Having your pool’s water chemistry balanced before and after a storm helps to keep the pool safe and calm. An imbalance results in corrosion for some of the materials, like handrails or ladders. Or worse, an imbalance can harm the pool liner.

A balanced water chemistry equals the recommended amount of carbonated alkalinity (80-120 ppm) and correct pH set (7.4-7.6). When dealing with a storm’s aftermath, having plenty of chlorine on hand is a good call too. Most pool owners will super chlorinate or shock their pool for a post-storm cleanup. And then it’s best to run equipment for 24 hours to get rid of any dirt.

Prepare Your Filtration System

It’s good practice to clean your pool filters often, both for safety and pool longevity. This becomes even more relevant when dealing with Arizona storms. Monsoon season will require more maintenance and attention for any pool system. There’s an increase in dirt and debris, forcing your pool filter to work overtime.

Clear Your Deck and Patio

Getting rid of loose furniture objects that can fly around in the midst of a storm is a good precaution. You won’t want a patio chair to damage pool equipment, decking, or—worse—your home. So be sure to put any outdoor furniture, toys, umbrellas, etc. inside your basement or garage before a large storm.

Keep Your Pool at the Proper Level

One mistake too many pool owners do is pre-drain water from their pool before a storm. You will only get proper filtration and circulation of the water when it’s adequately filled up. Otherwise, you’ll be cleaning your pool by hand, and some dirt or debris might mess with the filtration.

Protect Pool Equipment

Before a storm, you’ll want to make sure all of your pool equipment is safe. Turn off breakers or cover equipment before a storm. Monsoons can cause electrical surges which damage electronics. Check to see how your automation system is controlled, because most are controlled on the light circuit or a separate breaker rather than the pump circuit.

Trim Trees or Bushes

An extra-preventative measure is trimming the trees or bushes in your yard. You’ll eliminate any excess debris that could end up in your pool.

Plan for Maintenance

A pool is a large investment, and you want to make sure it stays in excellent shape. It brings together a home’s backyard and is a source for great excitement and relaxation. So, we recommend mentally and financially planning for maintenance after a storm. This includes cleaning, skimming, or vacuuming the storm’s debris. Or, having some money set aside for any needed repairs or service.

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