How To Fix Pool Leaks: Step by Step Guide

If you have a pool at your place, you must know that Pools are never easy to maintain. They require your time, attention, and proper maintenance. If you ignore the maintenance or minor issues, you have to face future inconvenience. Pool leaks are one of the major maintenance issues which need to be addressed immediately. If you notice any changes in pool water level, abnormal dirty water, contamination, or something unusual with chemical levels, then it means that you have a pool leak problem.

Ignoring pool leaks can cause many other problems like algae growth, breakdown of equipment, pipes, and many more repairing issues. Neglected repairing issues can be problematic in the future too.

How to Fix Pool Leaks?

First of all, don’t get panic if your pool or pipes are leaking. Most pool leaks are easy to get repair or fixed with some cost. Some severe leaking issues require professional fixing. If you want to identify the pool leaking, you have to follow the following easy identification steps.

  • Identify the Leaking Place.

Identify the place or pipe which is leaking or causing trouble. After proper identification, it is easy to estimate the cost related to repairing. Carefully check all your pipes, motor, skimmer, pump, and heater to identify the leaking area.

It also saves you from the trouble of spending on irrelevant rearing materials. Sometimes you think it’s a leak that is causing water loss, but it’s just due to excessive evaporation. There are two ways to identify the pool leaks; one is the bucket method, and another one is the ink method.

  • Easy Bucket Method

You have required a five-gallon heavy bucket. Fill the bucket with water and turn off the pump. Mark the water level (inside or outside the bucket) with a water-resistant permanent marker. Leave the bucket for the next twenty-four hours, and then observe the water level inside or outside the bucket. If both levels are different, then it means there is a pool leak.

  • The Convenient Blue Ink Test Method

 Many people consider this method convenient as you can instantly judge the problematic area.

First of all, fill the large syringe with blue ink or dye and then attach a hose to the tip of that particular syringe. Now go into the pool and start checking the suspicious points for pool leaks. Start squeezing the ink these suspicious spots. If ink starts to disappear or goes into leaking points, then you can successfully identify the leaking or problematic area.

Steps After Identification of Pool Leak

If you successfully identified the pool leak, then it’s time to take the right step to repair this pool leak. First of all, minor pool leaks or crack you can repair by DIY methods. You don’t need to buy any special equipment or repairing materials.

 Following are some easy ways to fix pool leaks

  • You can use pool putty to seal the cracks in walls and tiles. Pool putty also works well for floor tiles.
  • You can use silicon rubber to fix the pool bond cracks.
  • Sometimes you can make a strong mixture of epoxy and wall putty to fill the cracks or cover the leaked conduit pipe.
  • Epoxy or any strong bonding agent can work well for Smaller cracks in pipes. You can cover these cracks with epoxy or any other adhesive.
  • If leaking is due to a broken part (pipe, skimmer, hose, or any other equipment), then you have to replace it.

What About Hiring A Professional to Fix the Pool Leaks?

Suppose you are unable to fix the pool leaking, then it’s a better idea to call a professional for pool repairing and maintenance. They are experienced and well versed in dealing with all kinds of repairing and leaking. Hiring a professional from an experienced pool maintenance company not only saves your time and money but also save you many future inconveniences through their expertise.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m Unable To Identify The Reason For Water Loss From My Pool. What Should I Do?

If you cannot find the leaking or real cause of water loss from your pool, you have to take help from an experienced professional from a pool maintenance company. McCallum’s pool services are one of the renowned pool service providers with an experienced team. You can call them for a proper diagnosis of the problem (the real reason behind pool leaking) and their solution.

Q: Is Hiring A Professional from McCallum’s Pool Services Expensive?

Not at all, hiring a professional from McCallum’s pool services is economical. You can save time and money both. Moreover, you get the best possible and budget-friendly solution to all your pool leaking and maintenance issues.

Q: Is Pool Leaking Dangerous?

In fact, it is not dangerous, but its severity matters a lot. Unaddressed pool leaking can also cause other repairing problems. It may affect the water and ph levels. It can cause more water contamination and algae growth. So it is crucial to know where your pool is leaking. You can hire an experienced professional from McCallum’s pool services. McCallum’s pool service is bunch of professionals and they are well equipped to deal with all pool repairing or emergencies.

McCallum’s Pool Service Can Help

Pool leaks are easy to fix if small or timely identifies. You can fix small or minor leaks by using many DIY methods, but large cracks are hard to handle. Sometimes it also becomes hard to identify the leaking place, so at the time, you need to hire a professional from reputed pool repair services. A professional and experienced person knows how to handle the pool leaks or what area of pool or equipment can cause trouble in the future. So regular pool maintenance from a professional or experienced person can save you many future inconveniences. If you are unable to identify the pool leak or unable to fix the pool leak, then hiring a professional is life-saving.