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How To Detect Pool Leaks: All-Inclusive Guide

Pool leaks are one of the most common maintenance problems. Pool leaks can exist in or outside the pool at any time or in any season. Leaks in pool shells are easy to find as compared to underground pool leaks. Before identifying pool leaks, it is necessary to make sure that water loss is not due to evaporation. Sometimes water evaporates more than usual in extremely hot weather conditions, and pool owners take it as a pool leak.

What Are Pool Leaks?

Pool leaks mean water loss due to any reason such as erosion of ground, cracks in pool walls, broken pipes and old pool equipment, etc. longer and unattended pool leaks can lead you to multiple and expensive pool repairs. These ignored pool leaks can destroy your landscape, pool deck, and other utilities, so timely detection is necessary. Timely detection and timely decision to repair these can save you many future repairs.

How to Detect Pool Leaks?

Regular inspection of the pool allows you to detect pool leaks timely, so you must know common signs of a pool leak. You also must be aware of the parts which can leak commonly. You can hire professionals from pool maintenance services for monthly inspection or for the detection of a pool leak.

  • Signs of Pool Leak

 There are some common signs; you can easily detect that your pool is leaking by observing them.

  • Unusual water loss

Evaporation, pool play, water splashing is the common cause of water loss, but unusual water loss is due to pooling leaks. You must be aware of the standard water level of your pool to identify the water loss.

  • Presence of Air Bubbles

The presence of bubbles is another sign of a pool leak. If you observe air bubbles coming out of the return pipes, then may you have a leak in your filtration plant?

  • Visible Cracks in Pool Walls

 Minor holes and cracks are hard to observe, but visible cracks are easy to look at. Don’t ignore visible cracks, as these are also the reason for pool leaks.

  • Changes in The Pool Structure

Underground pool leaks can damage your pool structure, especially the pool deck. Don’t neglect the ground or pool deck’s sinking as it can be due to underground water leakage.

  • Frequent Chemical Imbalance

 If you add regular chemicals in the pool but find it hard to balance the level, it must be due to leakage somewhere in the pool.

Leakage Detection Tests

 There are a couple of quick and easy to perform tests to detect the leakage. Fix the leak then.

  • Blue Dye Method 

 A large number of people use this method due to its convenience. You can easily find utilities to perform this test. The blue dye method is use full to find the cracks and tear in your pool walls and floor.

Turn off the pool equipment and let the water calm. If you have any suspected area, then apply a sufficient amount of blue ink or dye to that area. If dye remains and gradually dissipates, that’s means there is no leakage. If dye disappears quickly, then there must be a crack or leakage.

  • Bucket Test

Take a large bucket and fill it with water. Put this bucket on the second step of your pool and match it with the pool’s water level. Turn off all pool devices and equipment. Keep the bucket in the pool for twenty-four hours. Make a Comparison of the water level in the bucket and water level in the pool. If the bucket and pool water have decreased but are still even with each other, this water loss is normal and is due to evaporation. If the pool water level is lower than the bucket level after twenty-four hours, then you may have a pool leak.

  • Skimmer Leak Detection

By closing the skimmer valve, you are able to let your pool’s water level fall under the skimmer. If the water level is contentious to dropping, then skimmer leak could be ignored. If water level stabilizes, then there is a skimmer leak.

  • Pressure Test for Leak Detection

A pressure test is a use full to test the individual water lines for leak detection. You have to hire a professional to perform this test as this test requires special gadgets, equipment, and special training.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Are the Consequences of Neglecting the Pool Leak?

You may take it as a minor pool leak, and it is not hard to add a few buckets of water to your pool. The cost of neglecting a minor pool leak could be ten times higher than its repair. Minor pool leaks can turn into bigger damages to your pool. Moreover, it can cost your time and energy too. Hiring a professional from McCallum’s Pool Service & Repair not only economical but also time-saving. 

Q: How Can I Engage in Professional Pool Maintenance Services from McCallum’s Pool Service & Repair?

Hiring professional services from McCallum’s Pool Service & Repair is very easy. You can simply call them and tell them about your pool problem. You can simply click “request on your pool services” on their website to book an appointment for pool maintenance and repairing work. They offer quality services at economical charges.

McCallum’s Pool Service Can Help

Do regular inspections and never ignore pool maintenance or trivial leaking issues. You can do pool leaking detection by DIY methods or hire a professional for this purpose also. Hiring a professional from a reputed company always results in better solutions.

McCallum’s Pool Service & Repair are providing maintenance, repairing, and cleaning services. You can hire a professional for any service or repair at a competitive price.