How Pool Automation Can Make Your Life Easier

How Pool Automation Can Make Your Life Easier

Pool automation can change your entire backyard experience. It gives pool owners complete control over all aspects of their pool equipment and water features. More importantly, however, pool automation in Scottdale, AZ, allows you to control everything from a central smart device or your phone.

In this post, the pool experts McCallum’s Pool Service & Repair explains more about the benefits of automating your pool.

Keeps the pH Balance Perfect

It’s challenging to maintain the pH balance in the pool because of the following factors:

  • Heavy use
  • Rain
  • Environmental debris

To keep on track, you have to regularly test the water to see if it needs a shock treatment. Simple feedback devices simply this process but take only a few minutes to install, allowing the sensors to consistently monitor the water’s pH and chlorine levels. Some devices also automatically adjust the pool chemicals for you.

Cleans Your Pool

Pool automation ensures that the pump operates at peak efficiency. Instead of having to manually go and switch on the pump, you program its operating hours. You can, therefore, take advantage of off-peak electricity usage without worrying that you will forget to put the pump on. You can ramp things up with an automated cleaning system.

It Gives You Remote Control

Are you heading home after a long and tiring day? Why not fire up the spa so it’s at the perfect temperature when you get there? Use your phone to check temperatures, turn on the robotic cleaner, or perform any one of several useful functions. It doesn’t matter if you’re at home or halfway across the globe. 

Saves Money on Energy

Do you forget to switch off your pool lights or heat pump from time to time? Many people do and then worry about wasted electricity. With pool automation, you can do the following:

  • Program on and off times
  • Schedule extra sessions as you like
  • Switch the system on or off from wherever you are
  • Optimize performance to take advantage of lower speeds 
  • Schedule the most energy-intensive functions for off-peak hours to get the best rates

Saves You Time

Imagine being able to control all your pool devices through one smart hub or an app on your phone. Instead of physically having to be present at your pool to flip a switch, you have complete control in one place. 

You can simplify it more by programming the system to turn on and off as you prefer. Then make things even more effortless by installing an automatic cleaning system that can add chemicals as necessary. Forget collecting water samples and taking them in for analysis. 

Can the automated system skim leaves for you? Not yet, but we’re here to do that if you need us to. Contact us about our affordable weekly pool service or our maintenance services.

Less Damage

Maintaining a pool manually is time-consuming. It’s very easy to put off pool maintenance and forget to clear out debris or dose the water. Inconsistent cleaning is dangerous for the water’s delicate chemical balance and can lead to several problems for your pool. 

It may cause:

  • Stained liners
  • Clogged filters
  • Scaling
  • Unsanitary water
  • Organic growth

Pool automation allows you to create a shortcut. With the cleaning tasks on autopilot, you get to relax and enjoy your pool. The water remains sanitized and safe, and the pool sustains less damage over its lifespan.

Allows for Flexibility

Automation can be about more than simply cleaning the water. You can also automate lighting and music systems. Set your favorite playlist for a pool party and match the lights accordingly. You can save these settings so the next time you have friends over, you just need to press start.

Additionally, you can easily change settings during the party or from anywhere you are in the world. Being able to control your pool remotely provides convenience and peace of mind.

Pays for Itself Over Time

Automating your pool requires a small investment, but you easily make the money back over time. Pool automation offers the following money-saving beneifts: 

  • No more mistakes with pool chemicals means not having to spend a fortune on cleaning that doesn’t work.
  • Not having to take water in for testing saves you money on analysis fees.
  • You can do away with a weekly pool service
  • Better efficiency means lower electricity bills
  • Being able to control the system from anywhere saves you money on electricity
  • poolYou will save on the latest gadgets to keep your pool pristine because they will be unnecessary. 

Improves Your Home’s Value

Buyers pay close attention when you have a pool. If your pool appears unkempt or has an unsightly green hue, they will look elsewhere. Not only do pools get a bad rep for being expensive to maintain, but they are also known for being laborious to clean.

With automation, that changes. A smart system that you control from your chosen device is an extremely easy way to sidestep the traditional issues that come with pools, making your pool a huge selling point again.

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