How Often To Shock Your Pool

Chlorine is the bread and butter of pool maintenance, and it’s essential to keep your pool’s chlorine levels up in order to keep it clean and safe for swimming. One easy way to do this is by shocking your pool regularly.

For Phoenix homeowners with a pool, odds are you’ve had to deal with algae at some point. While there are several ways to combat algae, one of the most effective is shocking your pool.

But how often should you shock your pool? And what exactly is “shocking?” In this article, we will be discussing pool shocking and some of its benefits. So, keep reading for answers to these questions and more!

How Often Should You Shock Your Pool?

What is pool shocking? Shock is a type of chlorine used to treat and clean pools. Another name for pool shock is a granular oxidizer. Usually, pool shock is sold in liquid form in a bottle that resembles laundry detergent. The liquid is quick to dissolve and is residue-free. However, it is essential not to get the pool shock on your skin or clothes as it has a similar effect to bleach. 

The shock will keep your pool clean and safe for swimmers. Avoiding contact with any parts of the water after application can help prevent Prizm (a type of bacteria) from getting on you, which could cause sunburns or worse! The filter should be run at least 24-48 hours after you shock your pool in order to avoid any skin irritation.

When the sun goes down and your pool filter is running, you should shock it to ensure that all around this water area is safe for swimmers. But if there’s any chance whatsoever of being seen by someone in their yard or window while doing so- be careful!

There have been cases where people were shocked when they thought another animal had walked onto one side only – then ended up getting electrocuted because electricity travels through solids quickly at nighttime.

Weekly pool shock is the way to go for maintaining water chemistry. If you don’t do it every week, at least make sure that once every other week will suffice in keeping up with all those pesky bacteria and microbes!

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