Upgrading Your Pool Experience: The Advantages of Pool Equipment Upgrades

How Often Should I Upgrade My Pool Equipment in Arizona?

Swimming pool equipment only lasts so long before it needs an upgrade. How long should you wait before replacing parts of your pool system? 

Here’s the basic timeline from McCallum’s Pool Service in Arizona.

Average Lifespan of Common Pool Maintenance Materials

Here’s what to look for in these three pool components to know when they need replacement:

Pool Heat Pump

The heater is one of the longest-lasting pieces of equipment. It can serve you for up to 25 years, regardless of whether you use a gas or electric system. 

Solar heaters last even longer and are environmentally friendly. 


Whether you’ve got an in-ground or above-ground pool, you’ll need a working filter. 

Standard cartridge filters last two to five years. Sand filters can last up to 15 years with proper maintenance. 


The average pool pump lasts around 15 years, but upgrade earlier if you experience the following problems:

  • Loud noises or vibrations
  • Excessive bubbles in the pool
  • The pump shuts off abruptly

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