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How Long Does a Pool Filter Last in Arizona?

Your swimming pool filter is responsible for keeping the water clean and safe to swim in. However, no pool pump or filter lasts forever. 

Learn more about the replacement process below for when that time comes.

Swimming Pool Filters Arizona Residents Rely On

As long as you maintain pool equipment, you can get the most life out of it. Regular cleanings protect it and prevent premature replacement, so stick to a six-month schedule for your filter cleanings. 

Pool experts recommend using either diatomaceous earth or cartridge filters over sand filters. 

Signs Your Pool Needs a New Filter

You’ll likely need a replacement filter cartridge if you experience the following issues:

  • Noticeably poor water quality
  • Inefficient pool pump performance
  • A cracked filter

Why not enlist the help of a pool maintenance professional when replacing your filter? You’ll have to choose just the right size pool filters in Arizona to avoid the same problem in the future, so a local pool service company can guide you through the process and answer questions. 

Contact McCallum’s Pool Service–Arizona Pool Filter Experts

Taking care of your Arizona pool filter and other essential pool equipment ensures your swimming area remains safe and enjoyable year-round. If you’d like some help, contact McCallum’s Pool Service at (480) 734-2495 for top-notch swimming pool maintenance and repair services!