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Most Common Causes of Pool Leaks

If you own a pool, you must be aware of pool leaks; just like any part of your home, your pool can also leak. Although pools lose some water in the summer season due to evaporation but sometimes pool leaks are common reasons. Pools can leak from any pipe or fitting of accessories after some passage of time or just right after plumbing.

 You can’t ignore or neglect the pool leaks by considering them as minor issues, such as pool leaks are problematic for pool maintenance. It is essential to repair the pool leaks timely to save pool water and avoid other maintenance issues.

What Are the Pool Leaks?

 Pool leaks mean water loss or leaking water due to some cracked pipes, tiles, holes in the floor, or any other reason. Many pool owners think that pool leak is minor, so be-relaxed. But let me tell you, this timely relaxation can turn in to a massive expense.

Common Causes

Several things can cause pool leaks, but the following are the most common reasons for pool leaks. Remember one thing pool leaks can develop any time or in any season, so you should know their reasons to avoid nasty pool leaks.

  • Poor Maintenance

One of the most common reasons for pool leak is poor or neglected maintenance. When you look off the care for a long time, then such issues may arise. Some small cracks become large cracks over some time, and trivial maintenance issues can cost you high. Timely and poor maintenance can save you from such issues, or you can fix them at the very initial stage.

  • Deep Tree Roots

 If there are trees around your pool, then you can face pool leaks. People like to plant trees and plants around the swimming pool during landscaping. With time, some trees’ roots grow deeper and start disturbing your pool system. These deep roots are so powerful as they can create cracks in pool walls or lift floor tiles. If you have old and mature trees around your pool, you must be extra cautious regarding pool leaks. You can consult a professional pool maintenance service provider to sort out this issue in a proper manner.

  • Broken Pipes and Plumbing Issues

Broken pipes and unaddressed plumbing issues are some of the most common reasons for pool leaks. Pool pipes can leak over time when they settle in the ground. This is the most common pool leak. Underground pipes are also usually hard to detect for water leakage.

On the other hand, sometimes the skimmer or its connections start to leak. 

If you have a concrete pool, then it’s hard for a pool owner to identify this leak. Hiring a professional is crucial to identify such type of leaks.

 At the time of fixing pool equipment, loose fittings or other plumbing issues can later result in pool leakage.

  •  Corrosion and Ground Settling

Once you built the pool, the ground starts to settle around your pool. Sometimes this settling is smooth, or sometimes it can cause cracks in the pool structure. Detritions of Ground near your pool are another reason for cracks or holes in the pool structure. Over time, your pool will build up problems like pool leaks from ground settling, corrosion, and abrasion.

  • Hot Tubs & Spa

Sometimes hot tubs and spas attached to the pool are the major culprits in pool leaks. Seals, loose fittings, and damaged pipes around hot tubs can cause pool leakage.

 Climate and weather changes

Sometimes climate and extreme weather changes disturb the ground near your pool or pool equipment. Small pipes and loose fittings can be leaked with seasonal changes or under extreme weather changes,

  • Temperature & Chemical Imbalance

 Dramatic temperature changes in winters can cause pool leaks. When water freezes in pipes, it causes cracks due to expansion. Similarly, the chemical balance is also necessary for the proper function of the pool. Sometimes chemical imbalance starts to deteriorate pipes and pool equipment. This UN noticeable deterioration leads to pool leaks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I Detect Underground Pool Leaks with Any DIY Method?

A leak above the ground or in a pool shell is easy to find as compared to underground leaks. There are several DIY methods like the blue ink method or bucket method to detect water leakage due to cracks or broken pipes over the ground. It’s hard to detect the underground leaks with any DIY method, so you need to hire a professional pool maintenance service provider from well-known companies such as McCallum’s pool services. They are equipped will all specialized gear to detect every type of pool leak and also experienced to maintain a swimming pool.

Q: How Can I Avoid Pool Leaks?

Regular inspection around the pool and timely maintenance can save you from pool leaks. Regular inspection allows detecting or identifying the problematic area at the initial stage so you can make timely repairs. Neglected reprint issues later turn in to disastrous maintenance expenses. Moreover, you can hire any professional from McCallum pool services for regular inspection and maintenance.

Q: Are Pool Leaks Repairing Expensive?

Neglected pool repairs can cost you high. Timely detection and repair can save you more big expense. If you don’t take pool leaks seriously, then later you have to face other maintenance issues. Moreover, pool leaks can cause other serious damages such as speedy break don of pool equipment. You can hire an experienced professional from McCallum pool services for timely repair and regular maintenance at an economical cost. They h have well-versed and experienced staff to deal with all pool repairing issues.

McCallum’s Pool Service Can Help

As a pool owner, you have to pay special attention to pool attention. You must have know-how about pool maintenance issues and how to fix them with DIY methods. If you find it hard to spare time for pool maintenance, then seek help from a professional pool maintenance service provider. Hiring a skilled person from a reputed pool maintenance company is economical both in terms of money and time. Moreover, it makes pool maintenance hassle-free for you.