CallHypo Chlorine Tablets: The New Thing for the Summer!

As we move into the summer swim season, McCallum’s Pool Service is making a very exciting transition.  We are converting from Trichlor chlorine tablets to CalHypo tablets.  There are several reasons for the transition, but the driving factor is that using CalHypo chlorine tablets will make the need to drain and refill pools less frequent.  Using this style of chlorine tablet will also be less destructive to pool equipment and interior finishes.  Additionally, CalHypo will provide a more comfortable swimming experience for bathers.

Each 8-ounce Tichlor tablet has 3 to 4 ounces of conditioner (also known as cyanuric acid or stabilizer) in them.  Conditioner acts like chlorine sunblock.  It protects chlorine from UV burn off.  In Arizona, we need plenty of sunblock.  As much as conditioners are a necessity, an excess of conditioners leads to pools becoming “over-stabilized,” that is to say that the chlorine becomes ineffective as an oxidizer.  This is what forces the need to drain and refill pools every two to four years.  Switching to CalHypo, which is an un-stabilized chlorine tablet (no conditioner), will prevent the pool from becoming “over-stabilized,” dramatically extending the duration between drains. 

We live in a desert, and it is astounding that we drain pools as frequently as we do.  It is equally as shocking how little it costs to refill our swimming pools.  Arizona’s water rights to the Colorado River water will be shrinking, and water rates will be increasing.  Our agricultural sector will bear the initial burden of water conservation and increased costs.  As a pool enthusiast and a service provider, McCallum’s feels that it is important to be water-wise so that we can encourage conservation in our industry that relies so much on this precious resource.  Fun Fact: this is the first year that we have made the 50-year average annual rainfall to date.

Why would such a beneficial chlorination product not already be widely used? This is not a new product and has been widely used in other regions of the country.  Pre-existing distribution channels in our region have made the CalHypo tablets cost prohibitive compared to Trichlor.  McCallum’s Pool Service has worked directly with an American manufacturer to bring CalHypo tablets to the Valley. 

Do you want to switch to CallHypo Tablets? Give us a call at 480 – 734 – 2495 or fill out our Free Quote form and we will be happy to get back to you.