Pool Heater Not Working

Swimming in Arizona is a great way to cool off in the summer, but it’s also a great way to enjoy your backyard during the winter months too. Phoenix residents are fortunate that they receive little to no snow during the winter months, making going for a winter swim or jacuzzi dip a wonderful experience.

But, of course, none of that can be possible without a functional pool and heater available. Let’s face it. Nothing is worse than trying to use your pool or spa and finding out something wrong with your pool heater.

Fortunately, the issue can often get fixed by looking at the symptoms of what your pool heater is doing. In this article, we will be exploring some common problems people have with their pool heaters and providing potential solutions to fixing them.

Reasons Why Your Pool Heater Is Not Working

Here are some common issues and reasons as to why your pool heater isn’t working correctly:

Heater Won’t Ignite

If your heater pilot doesn’t ignite, it could result from improper venting, insufficient air supply, or low gas pressure. First, check to verify that the gas is turned on and that there is enough propane left in the tank. Also, look for any water run-off that could be flooding your pool heater.

Heater Isn’t Heating

If your heater will ignite but won’t generate heat, that could mean you have a broken temperature sensor. It could also result from an improperly sized pool heater that isn’t a good fit for your model.

Low Water Flow

For your pool heater to operate smoothly, your pool system will need to maintain a consistent flow of water. Luckily, your pool heater should come equipped with pressure sensors that can detect changes in your water flow and let you know if your water flow is low.

Heater Cycling Between On and Off

If your pool heater is cycling between on and off, it may have improper water flow from a closed valve, external bypass, or dirty filter. Another possibility is that your thermostat needs to get recalibrated or replaced.

Heater Won’t Reach Desired Temperature

If your heater ignites and generates heat but not enough to reach your desired temperature, it could be because your thermostat is set too low, your system is too small, your pool, or you are out of gas. Check your thermostat first, and if that isn’t it, then check your gas levels.

If your pool system is experiencing any of these issues and you just can’t seem to figure it out for yourself, please reach out to McCallum’s Pool Service, and they will get your pool heat working correctly again in no time!

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