Bring the Heat: How To Keep Your Pool Heated This Winter!

Bring the Heat: How to Keep Your Pool Heated This Winter!

While a pool is an asset for any home in the United States, keeping your pool heated during winter is a chore most homeowners dread. If you want to spend time in your pool during cold weather, you must find a reliable and affordable way to keep the water at an agreeable temperature. 

Fortunately, you can keep your pool heated without breaking the bank. McCallum’s Pool Service & Repair presents five great ways to keep your ground pool warm so it is ready whenever you want a swim!

Five Ways to Keep Your Pool Heated and Comfortable

Liquid Solar Covers

Composed of fatty alcohols, liquid pool covers create a thin layer on top of your pool. This barrier prevents heat loss and evaporation.

Liquid pool covers are safe and non-toxic. Due to their chemical makeup, the molecules from liquid pool covers don’t mix into the pool water, even if you take a dip. You and your loved ones can swim anytime without worrying about liquid pool cover fluids contacting your skin. 

Solar Blankets

A solar blanket is a large sheet that contains tiny air pockets. These air pockets trap UV rays from the sun to heat the water underneath. On average, a solar blanket raises the pool temperature by around ten degrees. 

The only drawback to using solar blankets is that it can be tiring to cover and uncover your pool whenever you wish to take a swim. However, you can install a reel to facilitate this process.  

Wind Blocks

Wind chill during winter can dramatically lower your pool’s temperature if you don’t take preventative measures. Creating a physical barrier against the wind can prevent drastic heat loss. 

Depending on your yard’s size and layout, you can choose from several options for wind blocks. You can install fences or hedges, for example. Incorporating functional landscaping elements such as trees or shrubs can also obstruct the wind. 

Pool Heaters

Pool heaters are highly efficient ways of heating your pool. You can activate them as needed and choose between gas-powered or electric-powered heaters. Pool heaters work well even in bitterly cold weather.  

Keep several things in mind when using pool heaters:

  1. You’ll need a dedicated gas line if you opt for propane or gas heaters.
  2. Operating pool heaters can cost up to $500 per month, depending on the size of your pool.
  3. Heaters take around three to four hours to heat a 600-square-foot pool, so you’ll need to plan ahead accordingly.

Heat Pumps

If you live in an area with milder winters, you might only need a heat pump to heat your pool. Since heat pumps operate on air, you won’t spend as much compared to using a pool heater. 

Since heat pumps don’t function as efficiently as pool heaters, they are not a good option if your climate dips below-freezing temperatures. Furthermore, heat pumps can take around eight hours or more to heat an average-sized swimming pool. 

What about Pool Covers?

Sometimes, the simplest solution is best. If you’re looking for a cheap yet effective way to heat your pool, pool covers can work just as well as expensive pool heaters. Even a simple mesh cover can significantly reduce heat loss. 

However, pool covers have the same disadvantages as solar blankets. They’re cumbersome to use since you have to remove and replace them every time you want to swim. Solar blankets are also more effective in keeping your pool heated. 

We recommend using pool covers if you don’t plan to use your ground pools much during the winter. Pool covers can help keep your pool warm as needed, and they can also keep debris out. If you have small children or pets, a PVC-reinforced vinyl pool cover can prevent accidents. 

Keep Your Pool Clear and Clean with McCallum’s Pool Service & Repair

Keeping your pool heated at a comfortable temperature is a blessing during winter. You never know when you’ll want to hang out with friends or take a dip to unwind!

Aside from keeping your pool warm, you also need to make sure that your pool is sanitary and free from harmful microbial growth. McCallum’s Pool Service & Repair, LLC offers cost-effective pool cleaning and maintenance in Phoenix, AZ, and the surrounding areas. We carry a complete line of pool supplies to service ground pools, indoor pools, and hot tubs. 

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