Importance Of Pool Maintenance: Harmful Bacteria’s Found Within Swimming Pools

Taking care of your pool is important. To ensure your pool is comfortable and safe, it is essential that you clean and maintain it. Proper pool maintenance can not only prolong your pool’s lifespan but also prevent many different types of dangerous bacteria from growing. If not properly cleaned, these bacteria can make you sick and lead to diarrhea, stomach bugs, and infections. In addition, dirty pools can spread disease quickly, so it’s essential to ensure your health and keep it clean. In this article, we are going to dive into the types of bacteria and other gross germs that can grow if you don’t take care of your pool.

What Can Grow In Your Pool?

Although your swimming pool can be a place for fun, dangerous bacteria can grow and make you sick if it’s not well maintained. Causing 58% of bacteria and virus cases is Cryptosporidium, gross bacteria that cause diarrhea which can last for weeks. 

In addition, 16% of cases were caused by legionella, which can cause Pontiac fever or Legionnaire’s disease. Pontiac fever can cause flu-like symptoms, and Legionnaire’s disease causes lung inflammation and pneumonia. 

Another 13% of cases were caused by pseudomonas, which can cause swimmer’s ear or rashes. Cryptosporidium is particularly bad because it is resistant to chlorine and can be challenging to get rid of once it’s in the water. Just a mouthful of Cryptosporidium can cause healthy people to get diarrhea, cramps, and vomiting. 

A good way to tell if your pool is clean is to if it smells like chlorine. Technically, it is chloramines in the pool that give off that chlorine type odor. However, adequately cleaned swimming pools should not give off a chemical odor like chlorine. That smell forms when the chlorine in the pool comes in contact with gross substances like dirt, urine, fecal matter, and sweat. Public pools are especially at risk for spreading these types of bacteria and germs. 

So, if you catch a whiff of that strong chlorine smell, it means you should definitely get your pool tested. That’s why it’s so important to keep an eye on your pool and call in the professionals when you sense there’s a problem. It’s even more important to do it before there is one.

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