A Sparkling Oasis: The Importance of Regular Pool Maintenance with McCallum's

A Sparkling Oasis: The Importance of Regular Pool Maintenance

Is a weekly pool service worth the money, or can you save cash by maintaining your pool yourself? In this post, McCallum’s Pool Service LLC, the leading pool service in Scottsdale, AZ, goes over the benefits of professional weekly pool cleaning. 

The Benefits of Using a Weekly Pool Service

Keeping your pool a pretty shade of blue is easier said than done. It entails regularly testing the water’s pH, adding chemicals, and rigorous cleaning. By the time you finish those steps, you don’t want anyone using the pool because it will throw everything off balance. 

Hiring a professional makes it easy for you to enjoy your pool without worrying about things like the water level or pH. It allows you to get away with skimming the surface occasionally and leaving the hard work to someone else. 

However, you can enjoy some other benefits when hiring a weekly pool service, including the following. 

Increases Your Pool’s Lifespan

Having a professional come in once a week ensures your pool receives the attention it deserves. Your technician will:

  • Clean the sides
  • Check the pH balance and correct it if necessary
  • Unclog all types of filters
  • Check the pump’s efficiency

The upshot of this professional service stems from them using just enough chemicals to keep the pool sparkling and prevent algae growth. Your pool lasts longer because you do not accidentally over-chlorinate it, and no algae can degrade the lining. 


The more people use your pool, the dirtier the water gets. The moist, warm water makes an ideal place for breeding bacteria. Most people feel nervous about swimming in a pool that has algae in it. However, it’s the bacteria you cannot see that can become more problematic. 

Contaminated water can cause irritation and even illness. So keeping the bacteria under control is crucial. 

Maintaining the pH Balance

Too much acidity in the pool can burn the skin and irritate the eyes, but you need enough acidity to kill bacteria and algae. In addition, too much alkalinity increases the risk of scale deposits. 

It can take pool owners years to get the balance right. In the interim, they may waste a lot of time trying to get the chlorine levels correct. They might lose time in the pool due to high acidity levels, bacterial growth, and algae. 

Save Money

It seems counterintuitive for people to say that they can save money by investing in a weekly pool service. However, if you consider how long it takes to get the pH balance right, it’s easy to see how you save money. An expert doesn’t have to waste hours or cash on getting the best results because they understand it. 

Hiring a professional saves you money by: 

  • Using the right chemicals 
  • Bringing their own equipment
  • Giving you the time to do something else
  • Ensuring your pool equipment’s efficiency
  • Identifying small issues before they become major ones 

Aspects of Pool Care We Service

Our technicians will take care of every element of pool care during your weekly pool service. We divide our services into three areas. 

Pool Water

We check the following in terms of your pool water: 

  • pH Levels: The pH scales range from 0 to 14. Seven is pH neutral and a good starting point. Ideally, your water should be at 7.5 to ensure the best results. 
  • Total Alkalinity: The total alkalinity reading helps stabilize pH levels. The overall reading should range from 80 to 120 to keep your pH levels in the correct range. 
  • Calcium Hardness: Calcium hardness should be between 180 to 200 parts per million to prevent magnesium or calcium accumulation. Too much calcium makes the water cloudy, but low levels can lead to corrosion. 

Pool Interior

The pool’s interior constantly comes in contact with water and can become slimy. It requires regular attention to clear mold, algae, and debris. While the filter catches some debris, something will always slip through. Leaves and other materials can rot, introducing bacteria or upsetting the pH balance. 

Getting the right chemical balance improves the condition of the lining by preventing corrosion. It also enhances the look because it prevents algae from gaining a foothold. 

While a mechanical pool cleaner is effective, it will likely miss the odd spot. A professional will identify potential sticking points for the device and work out how to overcome them. 

Pool Filter System

Think of your pool filter system as the heart of your pool. It circulates the water, filtering out contaminants and debris. The pump prevents the water from stagnating and distributes the chemicals. 

The filter can be any of the following types: 

  • Sand
  • Cartridge
  • Diatomaceous earth

You may also use a saltwater system, which includes a saltwater chlorinator. The type of system you have impacts how often you need to service your pool and the kinds of chemicals you use. 

Schedule Your Weekly Pool Service in Scottsdale, AZ

Our team makes maintaining your pool so much easier. We have the expertise to properly use the many tools and chemicals available for the best possible results. By cutting through the confusion, we save you time and money. 

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