Top Pool Equipment Upgrades for Improved Efficiency and Performance

Top Pool Equipment Upgrades for Improved Efficiency and Performance 

Ready to take the performance and efficiency of your pool to the next level? Arizona homeowners have countless options when looking for highly effective pool equipment upgrades. Vast technological innovations over the past decade have made maintaining pools far more manageable, saving you from undertaking frustrating and expensive pool maintenance projects. 

The world’s leading pool equipment manufacturers, Pentair, Jandy, and Hayward, offer an enormous array of pool equipment upgrades in Scottsdale, AZ. Whether you seek hassle-free robotic pool cleaners or eco-friendly sanitation systems, you can find exactly what you seek by exploring products from these three companies. Many high-quality pool equipment supplies offer generous, multi-year warranties for their pool filters, variable speed pumps, and energy-efficient pool equipment upgrades

Pool owners can improve the function and aesthetics of their pools by exploring premium pool products. This blog post outlines a few of the most energy-efficient, highly-rated pool upgrades for Maricopa County residents. Speak to your local swimming pool service experts for additional information regarding helpful pool maintenance, cleaning, and care tips. 

Understanding Pool Maintenance

Before sanitation systems and chlorine tablets, pool owners bent to Mother Nature’s whims. If fallen debris, pollen, sticks, and leaves fell into your pool, you had to extract debris manually—a challenging task for any busy homeowner. Thankfully, impressive pool equipment upgrades have revolutionized pool maintenance. 

Many advanced pool cleaning systems automatically remove microscopic bacteria, algae, and cryptosporidium from pools. Invisible, toxic pool contaminants can cause various health problems, including ear infections, pink eye, MRSA, and legionella. As pool maintenance equipment evolves, Arizona pool owners have increasingly more options to keep their pools safe from hazardous pollutants. 

The many benefits of regular pool maintenance and cleaning include: 

  • Longer lasting pools
  • Safer swimming water 
  • Less frequent pool maintenance and repairs
  • Protected vinyl and natural stone pool siding 
  • Improved pool energy-efficiency 
  • Automation and smartphone connectivity 

Pool equipment upgrades help protect Arizona pools from harsh UV radiation, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, and sulfur dioxide. Explore the list below to learn more about cutting-edge pool upgrades that extend the lifespan of your pool and protect swimmers from countless sources of harm. 

Pool Pumps

Every Arizona pool requires properly functioning pool pumps. Pool pumps circulate heat, filter, and chill pool water to create ideal swimming conditions. The U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency highly recommends installing energy-efficient pool pumps to reduce your carbon footprint and energy consumption.  

Consider upgrading your single-speed manual pool pump with an affordable variable-speed pump. VS and VSF pool pumps allow you to control your pool’s circulation speed, unlike single-speed pumps, which run constantly and offer minimal control options. Confirm the pool experts you hire have experience installing VS and VSF pool equipment upgrades properly. 

Pool Filters

Pool filters ensure your pool’s safety by removing harmful contamination, such as dirt, debris, pollen, mold, and algae. Properly functioning pool pumps direct pool water to diatomaceous filters or cartridge filters, where hazardous particulates are removed. Regularly cleaned and maintained pool filters keep pool siding clean and pool water safe for swimming. 

Experts highly recommend upgrading D.E. filters with cartridge filters, primarily due to the low-maintenance requirements of cartridge filters. Instead of disassembling your D.E. filter every two months, cartridge filters require no disassembly and require cleaning every six months. Longer-lasting cartridge pool filters operate more efficiently and connect seamlessly with VS and VSF pool pumps. 

Pool Heaters and Chillers

Advanced pool heaters and chillers grant you complete control over your pool’s temperatures. Arizona residents frequently use pool chillers to lower soaring water temperatures created by Arizona’s high humidity and scorching hot summer days. Comfortable water temperatures significantly improve swimming experiences and keep your pool safe for family and friends. 

You can choose gas or electric-powered pool heaters and chillers, although most Scottsdale residents opt for energy-efficient electric options. Gas-powered heaters and chillers burn more fuel and remain reserved for larger commercial pools and spas. Electric heaters and chillers will perform optimally for those with a single residential pool. 

Pool Cleaning Systems 

Unfortunately, pool filters fail to catch all of your pool’s debris and contamination. Pool equipment upgrades you should explore include robotic and pressure-side cleaner systems. Debris trapped on pool siding and flooring gets removed more easily with robotic and pressure-side cleaning systems. 

Pool cleaning systems require very little maintenance and can last decades with proper cleaning. Impressive features of robotic pool cleaners include: 

  • Battery life indicators
  • Multiple cleaning modes
  • Advanced navigation features
  • Extended operating times

Many companies offer multi-year warranties and free delivery for pool equipment upgrades. Sleek design, easy cleaning, and improved energy efficiency make robotic pool cleaning systems a must-have for Maricopa County residents. 

Pool Sanitation Systems 

Both salt systems and chlorine tablets prevent debris from accumulating on your pool’s walls, siding, and flooring. However, chlorine tablets contain cyanuric acid, which protects chlorine from harsh UV radiation. The more cyanuric acid in your pool, the less-effective chlorine tablets become. 

Conversely, salt systems release no cyanuric acid and last much longer than chlorine tablets. Speak to your local pool experts to learn if they offer innovative salt systems in Arizona. 

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