The Complete Guide to Pool Automation

The Complete Guide to Pool Automation

For those looking for more control over their pool, pool automation is the way to go. With new technology allowing pool owners to manage it remotely, pool automation saves Arizona residents time and money.

If you want a more hands-off approach to pool maintenance, pool automation can help. With the push of a button, you can control your filtration system with the right upgrades. You can even manage the chemical levels of your pool.

Worrying about your pool is a thing of the past with pool automation.

At McCallum’s Pool Service & Repair we offer customized pool automation services to the Scottsdale area. Whether you want to upgrade your pool for remote access or replace a malfunctioning part, we’ve got you covered. So, in this article, we’ll cover the ins and outs of pool automation so that you can decide if this upgrade is right for you.

What Is Pool Automation?

Pool automation: the addition of an internet-based maintenance system to your pool. It runs via a wifi connection and virtual remote that you can either purchase or download on your smartphone. The control hub can be used to offload tasks such as:

  • Running the pool pump
  • Filtering chlorine
  • Turning on and off LED lights
  • Adding and removing pool covers
  • Heating and cooling the pool
  • Cleaning the walls

And much more! Depending on what automation you invest in, you could be looking at total virtual control of your pool’s functions, as long as you are connected to wifi.

How Does Pool Automation Work?

Pool automation works similarly to Bluetooth. A hub is installed that wirelessly connects to your phone or remote, and your pool contractors will set up the proper wiring to give you control. Proper electricity and software installation is required for successful pool automation. The specifics can be complicated, but you can trust professionals at McCallum’s Pool Service and Repair to get the job done right the first time.

Benefits Of Pool Automation For Arizona Homeowners

Scottsdale homeowners are saving time and money with pool automation. From filtering the pool chemical levels on autopilot to replacing their weekly maintenance guy with a robot cleaner, the possibilities are endless with pool automation.

Low Maintenance

Want to offload maintenance tasks like routine cleaning, pool pump filtering, and chlorine balancing? With pool automation, you can connect these tasks to the hub and control them via your smartphone. No more taking time out of your day to do it yourself or hire a pool boy. These can all be handled with a wifi connection and pool automation.

Optimize Energy Use

Pool automation gives you control over how often your heating and cooling systems are active. Costs can add up with running heating services. Even more so with cooling services to beat our Arizona desert environment. With pool automation, you can manage this energy use with the click of a button. Notice the heat was left on after a late night swim, and don’t want to get up to fix it? No problem- grab the phone off your bedside table, and shut it down with ease.

From Pool To Spa In An Instant

Your pool is a space to relax and unwind. What better way to do that than with a spa service? Spa culture is huge in Scottsdale, and residents everywhere are investing in ways to bring that to their backyard. Pool automation is the best way to bring the spa to you. By adding virtual controls to your home, your pool could be getting ready for use while you drive home from work. At the touch of a button, pool automation allows you to transform still water into a perfectly balanced temperature spa experience, and you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Why Choose McCallum’s Pool Service & Repair

Arizona homeowners trust McCallum’s Pool Service & Repair to provide premium quality pool services to their communities. With 23 years of experience, we’ve perfected our processes to bring value to each and every homeowner. There’s no limit for us when it comes to going above and beyond in our service industry. If you’re ready to simplify your life with pool automation, contact us today.

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