Keeping Your Swimming Pool Swim-Ready and Safe in Summer

There’s nothing better than jumping into a clean pool in your backyard. Though it certainly takes a good amount of work to maintain it, pool owners nearly everywhere agree that the payoff is worth it. There are some commonalities pool owners who successfully keep their pools safe and clean have identified as best practice. Read on to learn more about how you too can keep your pool safe and swim-ready all summer long.

Tips For Keeping Your Pool Swim-Ready

Here are a few ideas to ensure your pool is swim-ready at the drop of a hat:

Test The Water Often

Be sure to test the water chemicals often to ensure you are striking the right balance of chemicals. Pool chemicals can be pretty particular; even a little imbalance can mean algae or murky waters. Testing often will ensure you know what your pool’s chemical makeup is and how you can support it by adding or not adding chemicals.

Perform Regular Cleaning

Pools do best when they receive regular cleaning and maintenance. Be sure to vacuum and skim your pool regularly to remove any unwanted critters, leaves, or dirt. These things are much easier to remove on a regular basis than in one big fell swoop when it’s too late. Swimmers will thank you that they don’t have to dive into a whole bunch of bugs, too!

Monitor Water Levels

As the summer months get hotter, the water levels in your pool can drop. The opposite is true when there is excessive rain. Be sure to keep an eye on how full your pool is so that you can add or drain water as needed.

Ensure Good Circulation

Another important aspect of maintaining a clean pool is to ensure good water circulation. Be sure to run the pump on a regular basis to stir up the water and try to have swimmers in it often.

Tips For Keeping Your Pool Safe

Below are some tips to ensure your pool is safe for all swimmers and visitors alike: 

No One Swims Alone

Perhaps one of the most important ways to ensure safety in your pool is by using the buddy system. Tried and true, the buddy system ensures that no one swims alone and that someone is always around if trouble arises. This is especially important if there are children around.

Ensure Proper Enclosures

Speaking of children, you will want to ensure your pool has proper fencing around it to ensure children (or animals) do not wander in and drown accidentally. This is a serious hazard to you, your neighbors, and any visitors if the pool is not enclosed.

Ensure Safety Equipment Is Accessible

It is also a good idea to have safety equipment available nearby, such as a flotation ring, so that in the event of an emergency, the person in trouble can be quickly reached. It is also a good idea to post signs of the rules you have for your pool, such as no diving or no running on the deck.

Repair Pool Area Damage

To keep swimmers and onlookers safe, ensure any damage to the pool deck and surroundings is repaired on a timely basis. Loose boards in a pool deck, for example, can cause a tripping hazard to people around.

McCallum’s Pool Service Can Help

If you are looking for some extra support in keeping your pool safe and swim-ready this summer, consider McCallum’s Pool Service. Our owner, John McCallum, has been in the industry for over 23 years and knows his stuff inside and out. The company has grown from humble beginnings. Having started with just John and his truck, we now proudly service over 300 happy customers on a weekly basis with a full team of pool professionals. We are committed to ensuring the service our customers receive is reliable and of the highest quality to ensure satisfaction of your home’s pool.

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